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American Federation of Teachers

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Tell DeVos: Arm Schools with Resources, Not Guns

Arming teachers is not a solution to school shootings. Educators want to teach, not be armed at school. Students and parents want schools to be safe and welcoming places. Using federal funds intended for academic and enrichment opportunities to pay for arming teachers only helps gun manufacturers, not the people you were appointed to protect as education secretary. I demand that you immediately halt these plans and use the Title IV funds for what they were intended: providing a well-rounded education, improving school conditions for learning and improving the use of technology for digital literacy.

Stop the Attack on Ohio Teachers!

I support responsible teacher evaluations as in the Senate version of SB 229. I oppose the House Education Committee Substitute Bill because it eliminates collective bargaining on the evaluation process, increases testing, and requires "improvement plans" be created even for effective teachers. This is an extreme attack on educators. I urge you to reject the House sub bill and support the original Senate version of SB 229.

Tell Detroit Public Schools: Our Kids Deserve Better

Enough is enough! Our children deserve a great public education that includes a safe and welcoming environment for learning. Our educators deserve the respect and support they need to do their jobs well, with manageable class sizes and time to prepare to meet the needs of every student. We demand real answers and fully funded schools.

ASPIRA of IL: A Fair Contract for Teachers = Stability for Students

For our students to be successful, they need a stable school environment. As the CEO and board of directors of ASPIRA of IL, you can help ASPIRA teachers and staff build stable and successful schools by working toward a fair contract with their union. Negotiate a fair contract that will stop the revolving door of employees and end the persistent instability for students.

Speak Up! Montana Patients Need Us

H.B. 147 will put Montana patients at risk. Montana has some of the best nurses in the United States, because our law requires that nurses are continuously trained and that they renew their certification every two years. Under H.B. 147, nurses from neighboring states could practice in Montana without the same requirements. Please oppose H.B. 147.

Making Homes affordable

Millions of Americans are losing their homes. The Federal Government had funded billions of dollars to these lenders. Do they help the homeowners? No, their corporate greed and profits are more important to them rather than helping out the deserving people for whom the assistance is intended.

Stop House Bill 394

Sign this petition to stop House Bill 394, which reduces unemployment benefits and expands the definition of "just firing." Wealthy State Rep. Barbara Sears yesterday introduced legislation, House Bill 394, that would drastically overhaul Ohio's unemployment compensation (UC) system. The bill would dramatically reduce benefits and create new hurdles to get them in the first place. Read the full article at web address below.

Gov. Corbett: Restore Full and Fair School Funding

Gov. Tom Corbett, you are trying to rewrite your own record and pretend that you care about Pennsylvania schools. But since you took office, you have cut $1 billion from school funding. You haven’t shown us that you support public education. You claim you are restoring education funding in your proposed budget, but here’s the truth: The “new” funds you propose are barely enough to keep up with inflation, much less to reclaim the promise of high-quality public education for every child. Gov. Corbett, stop playing games and restore full and fair funding to Pennsylvania schools.

Mayor Emanuel: Support workers who want a union at their school

Teachers and staff at three Urban Prep charters schools and two North Lawndale College Prep charter schools announced that they seek to organize a union. Will you call on executives at these schools, and all charter schools, to commit to a fair process that ensures the right of educators to organize free from fear?

Stop Union Busting at Urban Prep Charter Academies

Show us that you support and respect the teachers and staff at Urban Prep who are organizing a union. Stop Urban Prep’s waste of time and resources on anti-union efforts to discourage educators from unionizing. Show teachers the same dedication they show for their schools. Stay neutral as they vote on a union.

Center for Individual Rights: Stop Attacking Working People

Enough is enough! It’s time to stop attacking working people, including teachers like me and other public service workers who work to make our communities better. Corporate CEOs and the wealthy special interests cannot stop us from banding together and forming unions to make our lives better.

Gov. Snyder: Veto the House Detroit Education Bills

The package of DPS-related bills passed by the Michigan House of Representatives is punitive, petty and dangerous for the people of Detroit. The fact that these bills target only Detroit with unpopular and untested education experiments and anti-union measures shows this is not about what’s best for the children of Detroit—it’s about how the Michigan House can exert power over the people of Detroit. I urge Gov. Rick Snyder to veto the House bills, and I ask the House to take up the bipartisan Senate bills that, while not perfect, give Detroit’s schools a fair chance and offer hope to...

Pink Slips in Scranton

I urge you to rescind the 98 teacher furloughs IMMEDIATELY! Our students, teachers and community deserve better. I stand in solidarity with Scranton’s educators.

Khepera School Trustees: Work with Teachers

After multiple extensions, stalled negotiations and now an expired contract, more than half the faculty at Khepera Charter School have been forced to leave their positions in search of consistent and secure employment. Our children had grown to love and trust these teachers, but now they are gone. Board of trustees, please meet your staff at the table with meaningful proposals, and settle a contract that is good for students and fair to teachers without further delay. Allow the spirit of “umoja,” the Swahili word for “unity,” to guide you.

Protect Ohio Taxpayers and Students from Charter School Operator Raided by the FBI

The FBI recently raided Concept Schools Inc., which operates 19 schools in Ohio. The FBI is investigating Concept Schools for “white-collar crime,” self-dealing and misusing federal money meant for the neediest students. After the raids, additional allegations of wrongdoing surfaced. Former teachers at Ohio’s Dayton-area Concept Schools testified before the state board of education, alleging sexual harassment, attendance inflation, test tampering and racism. Concept schools also have a history of being insensitive to African-American students. One school’s dress code banned “Afro puffs.” A former teacher testified that a principal took no action against another teacher who referred to African-American students...

Let Temple adjuncts have a vote!

We want Provost Dai at Temple University to agree to treating adjunct faculty with dignity and respect by allowing them to form a collective bargaining unit with the union they have chosen, Temple Association of University Professionals (TAUP).