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Department of Homeland Security: Stop Using Private Prisons Now!

The Department of Justice recently announced that it would phase out the use of 13 private prisons due to safety and security concerns. However, the Department of Homeland Security is the biggest client of private prison corporations, using their facilities to hold immigrants in unconstitutional and inhumane conditions. We demand that the Department of Homeland Security terminate its use of private prisons immediately!


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is obstructing the investigation into the hacking of our free elections through obfuscation, chasing "incidental unmasked names" and generally playing Johnny Smokescreen to distract instead of doing his appointed job investigating the hacking of our 2016 elections by the Russians

Pedro should not be separated from his family!

Pedro Ramirez-Hernandez (A 079 778 198) meets multiple criteria that weigh in favor of an exercise of discretion. When Congress passes immigration reform, Pedro may qualify for immigration status and eventually citizenship. This is all the more reason for ICE to step in now and grant Pedro deferred action until Congress can finish its job.

Raul should not be separated from his son!

Please grant deferred action to Raul Leon Mejia (A#077-140-004). Raul is a loving father of a 9-year-old U.S. citizen. He has no criminal record and is a valued member of the Mesa community in Arizona. He deserves to watch his son grow and go to school. Please exercise discretion and stop Raul’s deportation.

Rep. Salmon: Support Families in Your District

Families in your district are being torn apart. Until you and House Republicans take action, the suffering will continue. Co-sponsor the new House immigration bill with a path to citizenship and demand Republican leadership move reform forward now!