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Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is obstructing the investigation into the hacking of our free elections through obfuscation, chasing "incidental unmasked names" and generally playing Johnny Smokescreen to distract instead of doing his appointed job investigating the hacking of our 2016 elections by the Russians

Tell Florida Lawmakers: Reject Legislation Inspired by Donald Trump's Racism

Republicans in the Florida Legislature are working to enact anti-immigrant legislation inspired by Donald Trump's racist and hateful rhetoric. These proposals would spread fear and xenophobia, and do not make communities or cities across Florida any safer. Tell Florida Republicans to reject Trump inspired legislation that further criminalizes immigrant communities.

Help keep Brigido's family together!

Please grant deferred action to Brigido (A# 079551621). Brigido is a loving partner and father to two U.S. citizen children. Please exercise discretion and stop Brigido's deportation. This family deserves to stay together.

Tell Congress: Don't Fund Trump's Border Wall

Donald Trump's border wall is a bad idea, and American taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for it. We call on you to oppose any legislation that stiffs America with the bill. Mexico isn't paying for the wall, and we shouldn't have to either.

Miami-Dade Must Protect Immigrants from Donald Trump’s Deportation Force!

In an unacceptable and despicable attempt to score political points with Donald Trump, Miami-Dade County’s Republican Mayor, Carlos Gimenez, has terminated protections that would keep immigrant families across South Florida safe from Donald Trump’s Deportation Force. Miami-Dade is a diverse and inclusive community that should refuse to comply with Trump's racist policies. If we want to keep immigrant families safe from Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant attacks, then we must ask the Miami-Dade County Commission to reinstate protections for immigrants across South Florida immediately!

Pedro should not be separated from his family!

Pedro Ramirez-Hernandez (A 079 778 198) meets multiple criteria that weigh in favor of an exercise of discretion. When Congress passes immigration reform, Pedro may qualify for immigration status and eventually citizenship. This is all the more reason for ICE to step in now and grant Pedro deferred action until Congress can finish its job.

Raul should not be separated from his son!

Please grant deferred action to Raul Leon Mejia (A#077-140-004). Raul is a loving father of a 9-year-old U.S. citizen. He has no criminal record and is a valued member of the Mesa community in Arizona. He deserves to watch his son grow and go to school. Please exercise discretion and stop Raul’s deportation.