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Tell AG Bondi: Withdraw Florida from this partisan lawsuit attacking immigrants!

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Tell AG Bondi: Withdraw Florida from this partisan lawsuit attacking immigrants!

To be delivered to Attorney General Pam Bondi

Petition Statement

Attorney General Pam Bondi: Drop Florida from the partisan lawsuit attacking my mom and other long-time Florida immigrant families!
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Petition Background

Thousands of undocumented immigrant families in Florida will soon have a chance to be a part of the American Dream--but Attorney General Pam Bondi is determined to get in the way.

With Republicans in Congress failing to pass immigration reform, President Obama was forced to act on his own. Now immigrant families will soon have a chance to come forward and register, get permits to work legally and contribute to our system, and finally get a chance to live without the daily fear of deportation.

But rather than embracing immigrants, AG Bondi joined in a partisan lawsuit against the federal government over the President’s program. Most legal experts agree that this lawsuit is a political stunt and has no legal standing. It’s nothing more than a mean-spirited attack on Florida immigrants and their families.

Immigrants are a part of the Florida community and deserve a chance to work hard, contribute, and be together. Tell AG Bondi to drop Florida’s name from this partisan lawsuit, stop attacking our state’s immigrant families, and be on the right side of history.

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