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AARP, Stop Funding ALEC

AARP: stop funding ALEC -- a lobbying group that directly harms your members. ALEC attacks healthcare for seniors and blocks climate action, endangering our grandchildren’s future.

Enterprise: Drive away from ALEC

Live up to your own values of sustainability by cutting all ties immediately with ALEC, an extreme right-wing lobbying group that denies climate change and blocks climate action.

Councilman Sam Zurier- Pass the CSA!

The Community Safety Act has broad support around the Providence community, including the Environmental Justice League of RI, RI Jobs with Justice, The Olneyville Neighborhood Association, and more. Despite this, many city council members are going against the will of their constituents and opposing the CSA. Councilman Sam Zurier, the signatures below are from Providence Ward 2 voters who support the CSA. Vote 'YES' on the CSA!

Tell Gov. Jerry Brown: It's time to protect Californians and protect the climate by committing to NO new fossil fuel production.

Oil and gas production in California is a significant obstacle to doing what science says must be done to prevent the worst outcome from climate change. In September, as Gov. Brown welcomes the world to San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit, I hope he will find the courage and imagination to set a higher standard for global climate leadership. I sign my name and call on Gov. Brown to: 1. Ensure the state of California grants no new permits for oil or gas drilling, fossil fuel infrastructure, or petrochemical projects, both onshore and offshore. 2. Set a global...