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Protect Florida Panthers from the Oil Industry

With as few as 100 Florida panthers alive today, we can't allow additional threats from Big Oil and its machinery. I urge the EPA to deny the permit to drill a new, unneeded injection well less than one mile from the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge. Tell the EPA: Stop big oil from killing Florida panthers.Just this year, 12 panthers have been killed in Florida putting the state on path to exceed the average of 17 panthers killed annually by vehicles. Not only would this well increase vehicle traffic, it could potentially contaminate the ground and water Florida Panthers rely...

Chicago: Ban Styrofoam Containers

Dear Mayor Emanuel and Chicago City Council Members, Styrofoam is terrible for the planet and public health. As a resident of Chicago or potential tourists we call on you to ban styrofoam containers within Chicago's cities limits. - Up to 30% of landfill space is filled with Styrofoam and other plastics - When Styrofoam is dumped in the environment, it is notorious for breaking up into pieces and clogging animals digestive systems - Toxic Chemicals can leach out of Styrofoam products into food that can effect human health and reproductive organs. As the third largest city in the United States,...

Save the last Florida Panthers

There are only 100 to 180 Florida Panthers left in south Florida, the only known breeding place for these amazing creatures. Tell Governor Rick Scott that we need land-use policies that prevent giant developers from destroying the Florida Panther habitat.

Stop Shell's Disastrous Arctic Drilling plan (again)

Scientists say that to save the planet from climate chaos, we must leave three-quarters of our remaining fossil fuel reserves in the ground — including all of the oil and gas in the Arctic. I, therefore, call on you to reject Shell’s doomed-to-fail-again plan to drill in the Arctic once and for all.

Stop the burning of wood to heat homes.

Wood burning pollutes the air and is a health hazard to anyone breathing it in. It also destroys forest. We should not be forced to breathe in wood smoke. Please help prevent all the pollution and health problems it causes. We need to ban all wood burning stoves and furnaces.

Take the Earth Day 50 Challenge!

We’re destroying our oceans, forests and climate -- but we can’t afford to. In order to save life on earth, we’re calling on you to meet us at Earth Day Texas and develop a plan to: ~ Stop pollution, and protect critical fisheries. ~ Stop deforestation, start systemic reforestation, and shift to climate-positive agriculture. ~ Support/implement a price on carbon and build market demand for renewables and efficiency.

Gina McCarthy: Retract and Replace EPA's Limited Fracking Report

The recent report released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the impacts of hydraulic fracturing on drinking water is incomplete and lacks integrity. Not only was most of the data used in the report provided by the oil and gas industry, corporations with vested financial interests in fracking also prevented the EPA from conducting studies necessary to determine fracking impacts. By EPA's own admission, the report prevented a determination “with any certainty” of how frequently water supplies had been affected by fracking activities. I, therefore, urge you to retract the current report and replace it with one that better...



Tell Murray Energy to Stop the War on Climate

Mr. Murray, coal-fired power plants are the single largest driver of carbon dioxide pollution and climate change. President George W. Bush's Supreme Court gave the EPA the ability to regulate carbon dioxide in 2007. The newly proposed EPA limits on carbon dioxide will protect Americans from the extreme heat and floods that continue to do untold damage to public health, agriculture and infrastructure. The energy industry must become more efficient and burn less coal. The U.S. leads industrialized nations in carbon dioxide emissions per capita and should lead efforts to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Please spend your days figuring out...

List the California Pika as an Endangered Species Now

Director Charlton: Global warming is having a devastating effect on the California Pika. A recent study commissioned by your agency confirms that global warming has already reduced the habitat range of the pika and led to the extinction of local populations. In addition to being a favorite sight for thousands hikers who live in and visit California, the pika is a key species for the Sierra Nevada ecosystem. It not only acts as a source of food for owls and stoats, their foraging helps to diversify and spread vegetation. We must act now to save this species from extinction before...

Cut Carbon from Existing Power Plants

Set a limit on the amount of climate changing carbon dioxide existing power plants can emit under section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act. This section means carbon dioxide pollution is a global problem.


Whereas the CPV Valley Energy Center project will be a new source of over two million tons of greenhouse gases in New York state; will facilitate and depend on frack fields in Pennsylvania; is predicated on fracking in New York State; and will take us on the wrong road, away from a viable and sustainable energy future which can only be obtained with a turn towards 100% renewables; we the undersigned demand that all state, local, and federal agencies reject any applications or permits for this project. We further demand full legislative hearings on this project to address the many...

Secretary Jewell: Don't Lift The Hunting Ban For Louisiana Black Bears

Dear Secretary Jewell: While the increase in the Louisiana Black Bear population is encouraging, the species has still not recovered to a point where removing it from the Endangered Species List is warranted. Such a drastic action would result in lifting the 30 year hunting ban that has allowed this iconic species to recover from the brink of extinction. I urge you to reconsider removing the Louisiana Black Bear from the Endangered Species List and to prohibit any proposed hunting program.