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Obama, Speak Up On Climate

While other countries debate intelligent action to fight climate change, American politicians debate whether it's a hoax. President Obama, please speak up, clear the air, and lead the US on climate change!

Against Israel's Illegal Occupation

We deplore our government's support and financing of Israel's illegal Occupation and brutal subjugation of Palestinian citizens, including the use of lethal force. That you, our Congress, and you, the Administration, cow tow to Israel and provide billions of dollars for military support. And then, try to act like you are "brokers" (neutral) for the Peace Talks.

Pledge to Filibuster Keystone XL in January

Republicans in the House and Senate have promised to introduce a bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline in January. We need climate leaders who are willing and ready to filibuster the bill. Call on Sen. Warren and Sen. Markey to filibuster when the time is right in January.

What's in the Jam, Smucker's?

Smucker's has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaign contributions to block GMO labeling laws. Tell Smucker's CEO Richard Smucker to stop blocking GMO labeling and to label the GMOs in his products.

Protect the Boundary Waters

Mining companies are pushing to conduct a toxic form of mining called sulfide mining, next to the Boundary Waters. Runoff from this mining can create toxic sulfuric acid and cause mercury contamination -- both of which could flow into and pollute the pristine Boundary Waters area. We don't risk this natural treasure by allowing dangerous sulfide mining in Boundary Waters watershed.

Chevron, Pizza Coupons to Apologize for a Well Explosion? Really?

We, the undersigned, are calling on John Watson to apologize for giving neighbors of a gas well that exploded In Greene County, Pennsylvania coupons for a free pizza and two-liter bottle of soda. One man died, and another was injured. A tragedy occurred. A coupon for pizza and soda to make up for that is an insult.

Reduce th human population.

Human Overpopulation is the Mother of All our other environmental problems. Some 314 million Americans consume more than 40% of Earth's annually available resources. How many people can live on Earth at the American standard of living? Who wants to live at a lower standard? 314 is to 40 as X is to 100. Earth can reasonably support fewer than one billion people. There are 7 billion of us now!

Demand for Full Fracking Chemical Disclosure

We, the undersigned, in conjunction with the public comment period currently underway, call on the EPA to conduct public hearings in areas where fracking operations are either occurring or have occurred so that we may voice our concerns over the lack of full disclosure of the fracking chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. (Docket number EPA-HQ-OPPT-2011-1019)

Frickin fracken

Fracking is dirty, and destructive to our water, environment and climate. Big oil wants to frack. Big oil does not care about our future. Stop fracking.


Speaker Mark-Viverito: The People’s Climate March will be the largest march for climate change and global warming awareness in the history of the United States. In addition to the thousands of New Yorkers who will attend the march, tens of thousands more will travel to our city from all across the country. Given that the City Council recently passed a resolution endorsing the People’s Climate March, we the undersigned call on the City Council to demonstrate their support by allowing for Free Public Transit within the city on September 21, 2014. Providing New Yorkers and guests this one day of...

Pass The Low Income Solar Act

The Low Income Solar Act (LISA) introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders is designed to assist low-wealth communities, communities of color, and tribal communities with facilitated access to solar power. Many low-income families who would benefit the most from a reduction in their electricity bills are not taking advantage of solar power source due to a lack of access to financing options, and/or living under a roof that cannot support a solar panel. LISA includes various mechanisms to correct this. Each senator, including yourself, on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has either low wealth communities, communities of color, tribal...

Gov. Wolf: Don't rob alternative energy funds to build more pipelines

Governor Wolf, cancel your newly announced Pipeline Investment Program. The program takes $24 million in taxpayer money - which should be spent to benefit the public good - and uses it to only benefit the fracking industry. Fracked gas pipelines are inherently dangerous. Earlier this year, a pipeline exploded in in Westmoreland County, causing severe injury and property damage. In October, a gasoline pipeline operated by Sunoco ruptured in Lycoming County, leaking 55,000 gallons into the Susquehanna River. The Pipeline Investment Program purports to help schools and hospitals by connecting them with fracked gas energy. New fracked gas pipelines would...