Petition statement to be delivered to President Donald Trump, U.S. Forest Service, The Minnesota State House, and The Minnesota State Senate

Protect the Boundary Waters

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Protect the Boundary Waters

To be delivered to President Donald Trump, U.S. Forest Service, The Minnesota State House, and The Minnesota State Senate

Petition Statement

Mining companies are pushing to conduct a toxic form of mining called sulfide mining, next to the Boundary Waters. Runoff from this mining can create toxic sulfuric acid and cause mercury contamination -- both of which could flow into and pollute the pristine Boundary Waters area. We don't risk this natural treasure by allowing dangerous sulfide mining in Boundary Waters watershed.
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Petition Background

There are many risks associated with potential copper, nickel and other sulfide mining operations within that watershed, including possible contamination from acid mine drainage and tailings basin failures.
The U.S. Forest Service announced it is "deeply concerned" by potential mining near the Boundary Waters, and may withhold consent to renew two mining leases within the same watershed as the wilderness area.
The agency announced a 30-day public comment period "to better understand public views" on the proposed renewal of the two leases.
The Boundary Waters are too important to put at risk of this dangerous mining pollution. We can protect this natural treasure by not allowing toxic sulfide mines near the Boundary Waters, but the mining companies are using their political influence and deep pockets to try to fast-track mine proposals. Together we can make the Boundary Waters watershed off-limits to toxic mining.

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