Petition statement to be delivered to Richard Smucker, Smucker's CEO

What's in the Jam, Smucker's?

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What's in the Jam, Smucker's?

To be delivered to Richard Smucker, Smucker's CEO

Petition Statement

Smucker's has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaign contributions to block GMO labeling laws. Tell Smucker's CEO Richard Smucker to stop blocking GMO labeling and to label the GMOs in his products.
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Petition Background

Hi y’all!

My name is Rita Frost, and I'm a senior at the College of Wooster, just a few miles down the road from Smucker's headquarters in Orville, Ohio.

I have a right to know if there are GMOs in the foods that I'm eating and Smucker’s (dare I say Schmucker's) is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to stop people like you and me from finding out.

Ohio and over 25 other states are considering GMO labeling laws this year. Let’s make sure the labeling laws stand a chance and show Smucker's and other food giants know that blocking GMO labeling will be bad for their brand.

Sign this petition to CEO Richard Smucker and I'll hand deliver them to his corporate headquarters.

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