Sample media advisory for petition delivery news event

Below is an example of a news release for a petition delivery news conference. You can use this both before the event to let media know when the event is happening and as a hand-out at the event to communicate your main message. In this case, we used a petition opposing proposed cuts to the public broadcasting network in Maine as an example. You can use this as a model, but be sure fill in the correct information about your own event.



*** Event Begins at LOCATION at TIME, DATE***

Local Residents Stand Up for Maine Public TV, Radio

Over 17,000 Mainers Sign Petition Opposing Proposed Cuts to MPBN

Local residents gathered to deliver a petition signed by over 17,000 people opposing Governor Paul LePage’s proposal to cut all state support for the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN).

Gov. LePage’s budget cut would severely harm MPBN by eliminating 20% of their overall budget. This relatively small amount of public money enables Mainers in the farthest reaches of the state to get their news and entertainment through radio and TV.

Participants in the event included Rep. Jane Doe, who said, “The heart of democracy is an educated electorate. Maine Public Broadcasting is a vital source of both information and cultural programming, especially in rural parts of the state.”

WHAT: Official delivery of petition to Gov. LePage opposing proposed cuts to MPBN

WHO: Local Maine residents and State Rep. Jane Doe



To read the petition go to: [INSERT YOUR PETITION LINK] is a new online organizing platform, created by the non-profit organization Civic Action, that allows individuals and organizations to run their own online campaigns.

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***BRING VISUALS: Participants holding “I ❤ MPBN” and “Support Public Broadcasting” signs***