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Please allow pit bulls in Miami-Dade County, FL!

This ban on pit bulls in Miami-Dade is detrimental to their survival rates in animal shelters. Statistically, bully breeds are the most often euthanized dog in America and because they are banned in Miami-Dade County, most of them are confiscated and then sent to the Miami-Dade County Animal Services. By lifting this ban, you can give them a chance to remain with their responsible, loving owners and prevent an unnecessary death because of the large number of pit bulls in shelters.

Animals Need Legal Advocates

Several innocent bears were killed in Central Florida because of one stupid woman. These animals have the right to live. Anyone moving into a wildlife area needs to be sensible about the animals' needs and habits or move to a condo in the city. Animals should have an advocate, not be indiscriminately killed. End the War on Wildlife!

Stop Shell from drilling for oil in the Arctic!

President Obama: please withdraw your support for offshore Arctic drilling. If Shell starts drilling for oil in the Alaskan Arctic, your own scientists tell us there's a 75% chance of one or more major spills. I ask that you deny Shell the necessary permits and permissions it needs to drill in 2015.

Protect Our Arctic

The Arctic is uniquely challenged by rising temperatures, oil drilling, and industrial fishing. Please endorse the International Declaration on the Future of the Arctic, and do all you can to support action on Indigenous rights, climate change, oil drilling, and unsustainable fishing. Learn more at

Hong Kong: Stop illegal trade to save the vaquita

We, the citizens of Hong Kong and around the world, call on you to take prompt actions to stop the illegal smuggling of totoaba fish maws (swim bladders) via Hong Kong, for the sake of saving the remaining 97 vaquitas living in the Gulf of California, Mexico. The vaquita and the totoaba are not just faraway animals with strange names, but also symbols of the terrible cost of human greed, on the verge of disappearing from the planet forever. Both species have been classified as the most critically endangered species for around 30 years, which means they need strict protections....

Stop Shell from drilling in the Arctic!

Polar bears drowning in oil. Whales inhaling toxic oil fumes. Threatened eiders potentially decimated, and distinct populations of salmon obliterated. These are just some of the impacts the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) predicts would be the result of a large oil spill in the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for Lease Sale 193. According to your analysis, Mr. Cruikshank, there's a three out of four chance of a spill if you allow drilling in the Chukchi Sea, north of Alaska. This is an unacceptable risk. In April 2014, the National Academy of Science's National Research Council made it...

Ban Bifenthrin

The common lawn pesticide Bifenthrin causes bee death and, even worse, in sub-lethal doses causes retarded development of bee larvae.

Investors in Herakles Farms: Stop Funding Destruction in Africa

The Herakles Farms palm oil project in Cameroon is the wrong project in the wrong place. If it is not stopped, it will cause widespread social and environmental damage in an area of great biodiversity sandwiched between protected areas and national parks. It will destroy natural forests and take away the livelihoods of communities reliant on those forests.

Fundraisers, clean up you contact lists!

Using contact preference information given by donors would be a best practice for all causes (and businesses) Stop wasting small donations by sending unwanted (or specifically declined) print and phone follow-up. It's annoying, wastes a portion of the donation, and creates a recycling task. It's totally un-green. This could be a consolidation of the "do not call list" and the "please, take me off your phone list" MADE BY YOUR CONSTITUENCY, YOUR DONOR BASE, OR YOUR CUSTOMERS. Make it easy for people to indicate their preferred contact method and then honor those requests.


I believe there is a law on the books forbidding billboards along Washington State Scenic Highways. The state has allowed exceptions. Because of that, our lovely, scenic Pacific Highway between Ilwaco and Oysterville has become populated and polluted with obnoxious and ugly roadside signs. Please sign this petition to Governor Insleee asking that he ensure us that these blights are removed right away. Thank you!

Construction Industry: It Is Time to Clean Up Your Act

I recently moved to a building being remodeled in Glendale, California. Soon I realized that the materials used in the remodeling are toxic. I met a man that was in charge of applying one of these materials -- a spray used to renew the kitchen and bathroom counters. He had been working for many hours in a cloud of gas with the most obnoxious smell I have ever experienced. His pupils were completely dilated and his eyes red. He was obviously in a trance under the influence of such chemicals, and now he was going to drive home! He told...

Lights Out!

Let's turn off the lights in high rise buildings at night. There's no need to light an entire floor of a commercial high rise building at night when it's unoccupied and the building is secure.

recycling at the gym!

Tell Gym CEO's to stop looking the other way. We waste so many plastic bottles tell them recycling must be mandatory. This is an easy fix and crucial to help the planet thrive.

Protect our Arctic

The Arctic is a truly special place, but it is under threat from rising temperatures, oil drilling, and industrial fishing. We ask that you use your status as a leader to endorse the International Declaration on the Future of the Arctic. This charter demands action on Indigenous Peoples’ rights, climate change, oil drilling, and unsustainable fishing. Learn more at, and please sign on today.