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Grant Puerto Rico Formal Statehood.

Formally offer Puerto Rico the option to become the 51st state of The United States of America. Puerto Rico deserves two Senators and an appropriate amount of Congressmen, and the right to vote for President of the United States.

Say No to Fossil Cash!

As you seek election this year, we are asking you to pledge your commitment to fixing democracy. With voting rights weaker than they were 50 years ago, and money flooding our political system, it’s time for us to fix this broken system. Please pledge to support a fair democracy, and prove your commitment by refusing to accept money from the fossil fuel industry. Thank you!

Please allow pit bulls in Miami-Dade County, FL!

This ban on pit bulls in Miami-Dade is detrimental to their survival rates in animal shelters. Statistically, bully breeds are the most often euthanized dog in America and because they are banned in Miami-Dade County, most of them are confiscated and then sent to the Miami-Dade County Animal Services. By lifting this ban, you can give them a chance to remain with their responsible, loving owners and prevent an unnecessary death because of the large number of pit bulls in shelters.

New Jersey: Reduce the Consumption of Plastic Bags

Every day thousands of plastic bags are used for just 5 minutes, then are thrown away forever. Five minutes of use for 1,000 years for that same plastic bag to decompose. If we pay for them, we will realize how many we are wasting. We will make efforts to reduce our consumption.

Defend the Arctic NOW!

Human survival depends on the survival of the Arctic and the many animals, birds, insects and environments there. The responsibility to protect and defend belongs to all human beings. Education, empathy, compassion and awareness of the devastation of the Polar Caps and the drowning of Polar bears and their cubs should alert us all to the need to act NOW! In the name of humanity, the environment and the many creatures who inhabit this earth ACT NOW!

Stop pollution from idling cars!

Require new cars to be equipped with computer monitored engines to turn off the gas when the car is not being propelled into motion, just as the Prius engine shuts off when not in use. Ban car idling! Ticket - nationwide - people who allow cars to pollute the air in ways not connected to transportation.

Procter and Gamble: A Whirlwind of Destruction

Many popular brands that sit on the shelves of our favorite stores may be luxurious and bring soft skin, but they also bring pain and destruction. P & G brand is a leading competitor in the game of deforestation and it should be stopped immediately.

Ban Bifenthrin

The common lawn pesticide Bifenthrin causes bee death and, even worse, in sub-lethal doses causes retarded development of bee larvae.

Term Limits for Congress

With this bill congress will be expected to do their jobs in an alotted time to either do well for the American people. It is in a hope that they will do good before they become corrupted by the corporate influence.

Albuquerque Needs A Wind or Solar Farm on the West Mesa

Albuquerque, NM...a struggling city, with a host of really good people, that needs jobs and inexpensive energy. What the Duke City has is an over-abundance of wind and sun. Help us combine our natural resources with Green energy...a Solar or Wind Farm on our unused and expansive West Mesa.

Municipal composting so yard waste is recycled

South Florida produces huge amounts of yard waste that currently goes to landfills where this valuable resource becomes trash. Waste management companies get paid based on tonnage, so they fight our efforts to develop municipal composting.

The Green Roofs Plan

The Chicago Green Roofs Plan combines a desire to provide our citizenry with a highly habitable environment, our blue collar labor pool with long-term employment, businesses large and small with operational cost savings and the city itself with a means to economically and effectively mitigate rainwater runoff, ease the urban heat island effect and combat air pollution.

Informational Advertising

Require food labels on products that contribute to the destruction of the rainforest by using palm oil. Palm oil is why these forests are dwindling at an alarming rate.