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Stop Shell from drilling in the Arctic!

Polar bears drowning in oil. Whales inhaling toxic oil fumes. Threatened eiders potentially decimated, and distinct populations of salmon obliterated. These are just some of the impacts the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) predicts would be the result of a large oil spill in the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for Lease Sale 193. According to your analysis, Mr. Cruikshank, there's a three out of four chance of a spill if you allow drilling in the Chukchi Sea, north of Alaska. This is an unacceptable risk. In April 2014, the National Academy of Science's National Research Council made it...

Protect Sharks and Ensure Your Tuna Is Legal and Sustainable

Millions of sharks are killed by tuna vessels every year—as bycatch or from illegal shark finning practices. Major companies like Bumble Bee have a responsibility to ensure that their products do not come with the hidden cost of millions of dead sharks. We both know that policies banning shark finning, including the guidelines of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), are not enough. Unless your company can publicly prove that all aspects of your supply chain, including the independent vessels that you buy fish from are not finning sharks, those guidelines become meaningless. I am requesting that Bumble Bee take...

Barack Hussein Obama II....Veganism needs to be a protected class.

Currently here in the U.S., veganism is NOT protected. So if you end up in jail, or a mental hospital, or hospital, or if you have children in school or college, their RIGHT to be vegan is not protected. Even though we come from every religion, and atheism, we all believe in the fact that ALL EARTHLINGS DESERVE TO LIVE! So I am starting this petition to try and make change...I am contacting various congressmen/women and senators who will support this and try to push it forward.....Join me, because we deserve the same rights as everyone else!

Best Buy: Don't Use Ancient Forests for Throwaway Ads

Your company, Best Buy, is buying huge amounts of paper from the Boreal Forest to make disposable flyers. You say that "sustainability must be an essential element of everything the company does." But we know you can do better. Please stop destroying forests by making sure the paper you are buying comes from sustainable sources. I am asking you to adopt a paper procurement policy that supports healthy forests and healthy communities.

Please allow pit bulls in Miami-Dade County, FL!

This ban on pit bulls in Miami-Dade is detrimental to their survival rates in animal shelters. Statistically, bully breeds are the most often euthanized dog in America and because they are banned in Miami-Dade County, most of them are confiscated and then sent to the Miami-Dade County Animal Services. By lifting this ban, you can give them a chance to remain with their responsible, loving owners and prevent an unnecessary death because of the large number of pit bulls in shelters.

Protect the Niger Delta

The Niger Delta is a truly special place, but it is under threat from rising temperatures, oil pollution, and industrial fishing. We ask that you use your status as a leader to endorse the International Declaration on the Future of the Niger Delta This charter demands action on Indigenous Peoples’ rights, climate change, oil pollution, and unsustainable fishing. Please sign on today.  

A value change

Ban the general application of pesticides from lawn-care and lawn-care products to force a value change from one of uniform but toxic emerald green to a healthier, more complex assortment of grasses and ground-cover. Contrary to what one might think, the uniform look was created by chemical companies to sell product and not by the general public looking for easier lawn maintenance. Ban pesticide use by towns along roadways, parks and around public buildings.

Recycle containers next to bottle machines

People who bring their bottles to recycle and who collect bottles to get the refund are discarding the rejected bottles back into the regular garbage cans. Can grocery stores supply recycle bins next to the bottle machines?

New Jersey: Reduce the Consumption of Plastic Bags

Every day thousands of plastic bags are used for just 5 minutes, then are thrown away forever. Five minutes of use for 1,000 years for that same plastic bag to decompose. If we pay for them, we will realize how many we are wasting. We will make efforts to reduce our consumption.

Education - Pay It Forward

Utilize lottery money to pay for the first two years of community college or trade school for high school graduates. In return, they serve in the military and/or Peace Corp for two years.

No Drilling in the Arctic

Keeping the Arctic for Nature & the wildlife as it always has been, clean & safe with no human destruction!! People destroy every place they have ever been & this needs to stop!! Companies need to realize people aren't the only creatures on earth & they have no right to waste a good thing!! We have had enough & have destroyed too much already!!!