Petition statement to be delivered to CEOs of Fitness Clubs and CEO of Planet Fitness Chris Rondeau

Fitness Clubs Do Not Care About the Fitness of our Planet

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Fitness Clubs Do Not Care About the Fitness of our Planet

To be delivered to CEOs of Fitness Clubs and CEO of Planet Fitness Chris Rondeau

Petition Statement

The Fitness Industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and unfortunately, so is the number of plastic bottles that are going into our landfills.
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Petition Background

The vast majority of these fitness clubs are affiliated with large national franchises like Planet Fitness (with over 900 clubs), Anytime Fitness (over 1,500 clubs), Snap Fitness (with over 1,100 clubs), LA Fitness (with 560), Powerhouse (with 309) and Lifetime Fitness (with 109). Each boast how fast their chain is growing and of their profits … yet few of them are willing to spend approximately $100 a month to recycle plastic bottles. How sad!

One would think that since they are promoting health and fitness, they would want to promote a healthy environment for their members and themselves to live in… but my research hasn’t found this to be true. I believe with a little effort we can persuade the large national chain fitness clubs to require their franchises to recycle. The Planet Fitness Club where I work out was throwing away approximately 150 plastic bottles a day (yup, I dug through their trash). When I realized how many bottles this would be in a year just from my gym … I was really upset and did more research. I found that In Michigan, there are 48 Planet Fitness gyms, but only 4 recycle. Here is the simple math of how many plastic bottles are probably going into landfills in Michigan and across our country. (Note, I used smaller numbers to be on the conservative side.)

100 bottles X 44 PF Gyms X 350 days =
1.54 million plastic bottles going to the landfills in Michigan just from Planet Fitness

In Michigan, there are over 1,000 gyms, some are smaller gyms, some recycle, so I will use 700 gyms:
100 bottles X 700 Gyms X 350 days =
24.5 million plastic bottles going to the landfills in Michigan

In the U.S there are over 30,000 gyms, some do recycle and may not be a large gym, so I will use 20,000
100 bottles X 20,000 Gyms X 350 days = 700 million bottles going to the landfills in the US

This is so sad … fixing this problem isn’t rocket science, it is not hard, nor is it expensive. There would be a one-time cost for 2 to 4 new recycle bins and $75 to $100 a month for an extra dumpster for recyclables. Next, they would just need to inform their members as they check in each day to please recycle.

Here is a great video to view that show how horrible the plastic bottles are for the environment:

My plan is to first get Planet Fitness to Require all their franchises to recycle and to promote the use of reusable water bottles and then I will move onto other Fitness Chains. So here are 2 steps you can take to help:

1. Please sign my petition
2. Send Planet Fitness the following email:
Send to:,
Subject: Planet Fitness it is time to Change Your Ways and Recycle
Planet Fitness, we are blowing the Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm on you … shame on you for not recycling in all your gyms. Shame on you for putting profits ahead of the planet.
Your Name
Your City and State

FYI: The Planet Fitness "Lunk Alarm" is an alarm they blow if you judge someone or if you break one of their rules.

Finally share this petition with 10 or more friends who care about the planet.

Thank you for taking the time to send Planet Fitness yet another message … together we will be able to stop over 700 million plastic bottles from going to landfill a year.

Lynn Hartung
Waterford, MI

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