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Keystone Progress is a MoveOn MegaPartner, an invite-only program that lets a partner organization's members and activists set up their own MoveOn petitions in partnership with the original organization.

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"Ban the Box!" Give people with criminal records a fair chance

Please support legislation that will provide a fair chance for everyone seeking a job. I urge you to support "Ban the box" legislation makes the job application process fairer by moving inquiries into a candidate’s criminal background to after a candidate has been interviewed and offered a conditional offer of employment.

Stop the GOP plan to kill the ACA

We oppose the Republican plan to kill the Affordable Care Act. We oppose your plan cut healthcare for millions of Americans while giving huge tax breaks to the very wealthy and drug and insurance corporations.

No cuts to SNAP (Food Stamps)

We demand that Congress cease playing political “hunger games” that hurt vulnerable families, children, and local communities. Vote against any cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps).

Support the Equality Act to allow LGBT Americans to live free from fear

We urge you to support The Equality Act that would ensure comprehensive non-discrimination protections for LGBT people regardless of where they live. Under The Equality Act “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” would be added to protections for employment, housing, public accommodations, public education, federal funding, credit, and juries.

Stop the shutdown, fund the government and pay our bills.

As your constituent, I ask that you vote for a clean CR and to raise the debt ceiling in order to end the government shutdown and avoid another economic crisis. It is absolutely irresponsible to shut down the government and hold the entire American economy hostage to a default crisis in order to defund or delay the Affordable Care Act. You can end the shutdown by signing the Discharge Petition. With 218 signatures, a vote on a clean CR will be brought to a vote on the Floor of the House of Representatives, ending the shutdown. Do your job. Stop...

Legislators: Regulate our 'militia' properly!

Regulate firearms ownership identically to that of motor vehicles, viz. 1) General background check 2) All would-be firearms owners MUST pass both a shooting safety test and a written emotional health test 3) No purchase without either new or transfer of title on paper--again, identical to motor vehicles 4) All firearms owners MUST carry liability insurance 5) Registration to be at state level ONLY

Taxpayer Subsidies for Congressional Benefits

This petition is an attempt to start a movement to regain control of our government and to get them back to working for "WE THE PEOPLE" who fund the government. They work for us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's time to stop working for them.........

I support Obamacare

I support the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. While it is not perfect, it will provide health coverage to an additional 21 million Americans and provide many benefits to all Americans. If there are problems with the ACA, I urge you to fix them and strengthen it. I ask you to assure that the ACA is completely funded and fully implemented as soon as possible.