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Keystone Progress is a MoveOn MegaPartner, an invite-only program that lets a partner organization's members and activists set up their own MoveOn petitions in partnership with the original organization.

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I support Obamacare

I support the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. While it is not perfect, it will provide health coverage to an additional 21 million Americans and provide many benefits to all Americans. If there are problems with the ACA, I urge you to fix them and strengthen it. I ask you to assure that the ACA is completely funded and fully implemented as soon as possible.

Stop the GOP plan to kill the ACA

We oppose the Republican plan to kill the Affordable Care Act. We oppose your plan cut healthcare for millions of Americans while giving huge tax breaks to the very wealthy and drug and insurance corporations.

No cuts to SNAP (Food Stamps)

We demand that Congress cease playing political “hunger games” that hurt vulnerable families, children, and local communities. Vote against any cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps).

Allow Popular Initiative and Referendum in PA

Create a streamlined process for Pennsylvanians to easily obtain popular initiatives to put on the referendum. Many states' citizens have the benefit of getting to vote on referenda based on popular initiative, yet Pennsylvania has yet to adopt a streamlined process to allow its citizens to do the same. To make matters worse, the PA legislature rarely puts its own proposals on the referendum when they cannot conclusively agree on issues.

Reject right-wing David Porter as a federal judge

We urge Senators Casey and Toomey to abandon their backroom deal to nominate right-wing activist David Porter to become a judge in the Western PA District Court. Judges need to have the temperament to make decisions based on the law, not on their political ideology.

Legislators: Regulate our 'militia' properly!

Regulate firearms ownership identically to that of motor vehicles, viz. 1) General background check 2) All would-be firearms owners MUST pass both a shooting safety test and a written emotional health test 3) No purchase without either new or transfer of title on paper--again, identical to motor vehicles 4) All firearms owners MUST carry liability insurance 5) Registration to be at state level ONLY

Taxpayer Subsidies for Congressional Benefits

This petition is an attempt to start a movement to regain control of our government and to get them back to working for "WE THE PEOPLE" who fund the government. They work for us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's time to stop working for them.........