Petition statement to be delivered to Rep. Ryan Costello (PA-6)

Tell Rep. Costello to quit the "pay to play" Patriot Program

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Tell Rep. Costello to quit the "pay to play" Patriot Program

To be delivered to Rep. Ryan Costello (PA-6)

Petition Statement

We call on Rep. Ryan Costello to immediately remove his name from the National Republican Congressional Committee’s “Patriot Program” contract, and disclose communications with the NRCC about his legislative agenda and what he promised to the party bigwigs.
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Petition Background

GOP's "Pay to Play" Congressional Campaign Contract Condemned Across America

WASHINGTON: As controversy continued to grow regarding a contract signed by numerous vulnerable Republican legislators with the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), promising to supply detailed information about their "legislative agenda" and "political justifications" to national Republican donors in exchange for financial support, numerous state affiliates of ProgressNow, one of the nation's largest and most influential progressive advocacy organizations, called on Republican candidates to withdraw from the program and disclose all correspondence with the NRCC.

Rep. Ryan Costello (R, CD 6, Berks, Lehigh, Chester, Montgomery) is the only Pennsylvania Member of Congress who has agreed to this "pay to play" scheme.

"Shame on Rep. Ryan Costello for selling Pennsylvania out to the same Washington, D.C. special interests he said he was running for office to fight," said Keystone Progress' Michael Morrill. "The voters won't forget this in the next election. If Costello really wants to put the people of Pennsylvania first, it's time to exit the 'Patriot Program ' and come clean about what he promised big donors and Republican Party bigwigs. If he doesn't, he'll be held accountable at the polls in 2016."

According to the Washington Post:

Two dozen House Republicans have agreed to privately detail their “legislative strategy” to party operatives, promising to offer “political justifications” for their goals in Congress.

The Daily 202 obtained a copy of the three-page contract that the National Republican Congressional Committee requires members to sign if they want to participate in its Patriot Program. The initiative, designed to protect potentially vulnerable incumbents, brings with it special attention and access to mounds of campaign cash. But strings are attached.

One of the 13 requirements is to submit an off-year “campaign plan” that includes: “Detailed, written legislative strategy that provides short-, intermediate-, and long-term legislative goals, including political justifications for those goals.”

“Be sure to include local issues unique to the district or region,” the contract says. “Complete a Patriot Policy Priorities worksheet to be used by NRCC staff to evaluate legislative priorities for the current Congress and to promote and advocate for those priorities where appropriate.”

The closely-held document offers a window into how much autonomy lawmakers often must forfeit to unelected Washington insiders.

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