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Help keep Brigido's family together!

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Help keep Brigido's family together!

To be delivered to Illinois Assistant ICE Field Office Director

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Please grant deferred action to Brigido (A# 079551621). Brigido is a loving partner and father to two U.S. citizen children. Please exercise discretion and stop Brigido's deportation. This family deserves to stay together.
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Petition Background

Maria's fiancé Brigido has been a devoted father to their three-year-old son, and has been the only dad her 13-year-old daughter has ever known.

But now immigration officials are planning to deport Brigido and tear their family apart -- despite the fact that he'd likely qualify for a pathway to citizenship currently stalled by Republican leadership in the House of Representatives.

Brigido's entire case hinges on an incident from over ten years ago when his valid tourist visa was -- for reasons still unknown to him – stamped with an alleged expedited removal order at the airport. Threatened with six months detention if he didn't return to Mexico right away, Brigido did as they said.

Now ICE officials are detaining him based on that decade-old alleged expedited removal order.

In the years that Brigido has been in the US, he has devoted himself to being a loving dad, and runs an insurance business together with Maria. If he's deported, the effects would be devastating for Maria and their two children, both US citizens.

Fortunately, there is a temporary fix for Brigido and his family. Immigration officials in the Obama administration have the power to grant Brigido "prosecutorial discretion" and defer his case. We just need to show that we support Brigido and his family by adding our voices!

Right now Brigido would likely qualify for the path to citizenship the Senate passed months ago. But with the House stalling on reform, the Obama administration shouldn't punish Brigido for Congress' inaction. In fact, because they support the Senate's legislation, the administration shouldn't be deporting immigrants like him at all!

Please join us in demanding that the immigration official overseeing Brigido's case stop his deportation.

Brigido's kids shouldn't be separated from their dad -- we need to help keep this family together. They're depending on us!

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