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American Universities: Stop broadcasting athletics on Rush Limbaugh radio stations.

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American Universities: Stop broadcasting athletics on Rush Limbaugh radio stations.

To be delivered to American Universities and Colleges

Petition Statement

We the undersigned demand that our state-funded universities and colleges immediately find alternative non-partisan radio stations to broadcast their athletics.

By broadcasting on Rush Limbaugh and other political talk radio stations they endorse partisan political propaganda, global warming denial, hate, racism, and attacks on our unions and teachers, and therefore contradict their own stated goals and mission statements.
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Petition Background

Most talk radio stations in the US are dedicated to partisan politics and pro corporate propaganda. On most, only a small percentage of their prime time broadcasting includes non-partisan programing including state and local sports, weather, and traffic.

By broadcasting athletics on these stations our universities endorse and give community credibility and acceptability to talk stars like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Savage, and significantly increase their local ad revenues.
Most national talkers are protected by call screeners from challenge and correction. There is evidence of regular participation by paid callers.

Long term attacks by these and other national and local talkers directed at teachers, unions, global warming science, as well as coordinated political disinformation and direct and inferred racism, sexism, and hate mongering, make radio stations that broadcast them unacceptable partners for American institutions of higher learning, as well as their students and faculty.

Please feel free to adapt this petition to your university or college.

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