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CBS Evening News: Tell Obamacare success stories like mine!

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CBS Evening News: Tell Obamacare success stories like mine!

To be delivered to CBS Evening News

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The Affordable Care Act has been gradually improving the health insurance market since 2010, but media outlets like the CBS Evening News are failing to share the stories of people that benefit from ACA, stories like mine. CBS Evening News is covering a faulty website that cast shame on comprehensive health care reform, but does not give a complete overview of the millions of people that will live because of ACA, people like my daughter, Julia. Please give coverage of the ACA that's truly fair and balanced.
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The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, has been under attack by mainstream media for more than three weeks now. What the media isn't telling you are the millions of success stories like mine.
My daughter, Julia, was diagnosed with Lupus when she was 21. Under the new law, Julia was able to remain on my health insurance plan until she turned 26.Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, she is currently able to have coverage under the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP). Coverage through PCIP ends December 31st. Julia is not offered health insurance through her job. Because of the negative media blitz, such as stories heard on the CBS Evening News, we have delayed signing up for coverage on the health exchange. With the enrollment deadline looming, we will navigate through the system to ensure that Julia’s health coverage continues. Lupus can attack any organ in the body and can become a life threatening event at any time.Through vigilant monitoring and medical intervention, we are hopeful that she will lead a long and productive life. Without the availability of affordable insurance, routine check ups, medication, and lab testing would not be available to her. Please tell stories like mine so the Affordable Care Act will be successful. Literally, Julia’s life depends on it!

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