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Denver Post: Don't Ignore TPP

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Denver Post: Don't Ignore TPP

To be delivered to The Denver Post

Petition Statement

By dismissing news reporting and editorial comment about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Denver Post is negligent in its obligation to provide balanced news and opinion about significant world events.

We demand the Denver Post cover the secretive negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. TPP is the biggest international treaty since NAFTA, the unsuccessful and destructive North American Free Trade Agreement.
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Petition Background

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the most significant international development Denverites don’t read or hear about in local media. At least twice, The Post has rejected in-depth independent TPP commentary.

TPP directly and adversely affects major Colorado agriculture. The TPP threatens Colorado jobs. The TPP would prohibit Coloradans from knowing where and how food is produced. And the TPP would severely limit local and state control of commerce.

Leaks from the "secret" TPP negotiating texts reveal the proposed deal would expand North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) terms allowing foreign corporations to attack U.S. environmental, health and safety laws, penalize "Buy American" incentives, and encourage corporations to send U.S jobs overseas.

Corporations are pressuring Congress to grant “Fast Track” authority to enable the president to sign this encompassing trade agreement with 11 Pacific Rim countries before Congress gets to vote on it. With Fast Track, the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” (TPP) trade agreement could then be railroaded through Congress quickly, with no amendments and limited debate.

The TPP has so many outrageous provisions that TPP’s boosters need this Constitution-busting scheme to slip the TPP past Congress and the American people.

Since inception in the 1970s, Fast Track is an extraordinary procedure used only in rare instances, including NAFTA.

Under NAFTA, nearly 26,000 Colorado workers have lost jobs. These losses are certified under a narrow provision called Trade Adjustment Assistance program.

Colorado residents deserve to know that large corporations are pressuring Congress to cede its Constitutional authority over trade so this dangerous deal can be concluded in secret.

The Denver Post and all Colorado media must meet their obligation to serve the public interest and cover the Trans-Pacific Partnership story.

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