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Goats in Albany

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Goats in Albany

To be delivered to Councilwoman Marge Atkinson

Petition Statement

As many cities around the country have come to realize, goats make wonderful backyard pets in addition to providing personal sustainability. The are currently forbidden in Albany except for a limited period, for weed abatement.

Female goats and wethers (castrated males) do not carry the typical "goaty" aroma, and de-horned, they are completely harmless. Like dogs they are social animals and have a gentle disposition. Unlike dogs, they don't bite. Also, they are quieter than hens.

Goats need 100-200 square feet of outdoor space (smaller breeds need less, larger breeds need more) and a small shelter from the weather. When backyards are small, miniature goats, comparable in size to German Shepherds and weighing 50-60lbs, are a very good choice.

Female goats produce milk that lets homesteaders take sustainability into their own hands. With the milk from two miniature goats, a typical sized family does not need to buy milk for most of the year. In addition, the milk can provide yogurt and cheese. Also, goats produce dry manure that provides excellent plant nutrition.

We, the undersigned, urge the Albany City Council to create an ordinance to allow households with sufficient space to keep goats or miniature goats (de-horned females and wethered males) for personal sustainability or as a hobby."
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Petition Background

We have kept goats in the past that were like members of the family and provided us with delicious and nutritious milk, cheese and yoghourt. We live in Albany and would like to keep them again.

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