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Petition statement to be delivered to The United States House of Representatives

John Boehner, You're Fired!

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John Boehner, You're Fired!

To be delivered to The United States House of Representatives

Petition Statement

We call on one of the two dozen moderate Republicans in the House who opposed the shutdown, and opposed the brinkmanship on the debt ceiling, to introduce a Resolution of Vacancy in the House of Representatives, declaring that the office of Speaker is vacant. A Resolution of Vacancy is privileged, meaning that Speaker Boehner has no choice and MUST permit a vote on it. House Democrats, support this resolution. Nancy Pelosi, all members of the House Democratic leadership, we call on all of you to refrain from running for Speaker to replace John Boehner and, instead, to support whomever the two dozen moderate House Republicans nominate as their candidate for Speaker. We call on those two dozen moderate House Republicans to support the election of a bipartisan team for other leadership positions, e.g. Republican as Majority Leader, Democrat as Whip, and so on.
Only in this way will President Barack Obama's second term have any chance for success.
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Petition Background

Currently there is complete gridlock in Washington, DC. The shutdown just concluded definitively demonstrated that Tea Party Republicans are at the root of the problem. A Speaker needs to be elected by a majority of the House who will lead us away from Tea Party-style governing by crisis. It is time to form consensus. It is time to achieve. It is time to address issues for which majority coalitions exist today, such as immigration reform and gun reform.

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