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Petition statement to be delivered to The Connecticut State House and The Connecticut State Senate

Modernize Recycling in Connecticut

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Modernize Recycling in Connecticut

To be delivered to The Connecticut State House and The Connecticut State Senate

Petition Statement

Support Senate Bill 27, Governor Malloy's Bill to double recycling in the next decade, retire the incinerator in Hartford, and create a new recycling education foundation.
There are currently 2,820 signatures. NEW goal - We need 3,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Governor Malloy recently introduced a bill that sets a goal of doubling our recycling rates in the next decade. It also starts the process of retiring the incinerator in Hartford and replacing it with recycling infrastructure and creating "Recycle CT" to promote recycling education in the state.

Connecticut burns more trash per-person than any other state in the country -- spewing toxic chemicals like mercury and dioxin into the air we breathe, and wasting valuable resources and taxpayer dollars. This is largely because the incinerator industry has dominated waste and recycling in Connecticut for decades, keeping our recycling rate stagnant.

We have two weeks to pass this bill through the state house and Senate and special interests are working overtime to kill it. Take action today.

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