Petition statement to be delivered to Rep. Paul Thissen (MN-61B), The Minnesota State House, and Governor Mark Dayton

No Dark Money, No Dark Votes

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No Dark Money, No Dark Votes

To be delivered to Rep. Paul Thissen (MN-61B), The Minnesota State House, and Governor Mark Dayton

Petition Statement

To protect our speech and our democracy from being bought and sold to the highest bidder as if we're a fascist state or plutocracy, we the actual people of Minnesota ask that you vote on HF 276 before the 2013 session ends so that the Senate and Governor also have time to pass and sign it. This means voting on it even if you do not think you have enough votes to pass it so we know who is selling out and who is representing Minnesotans.
There are currently 86 signatures. NEW goal - We need 100 signatures!

Petition Background

Just as there's dark money in politics, there's dark votes. We need the votes out of the shadows and in the light. Both are forms of dark, non-transparent power. The House took a shadow vote and claimed there are not enough to pass HF 276 (SF 17) so no one had to go on record. Last Friday, May 10, the Minnesota House put off indefinitely voting on a bill that would have made Minnesota the 14th state to support a Constitutional amendment that corporations are not people and money is not speech.

This petition will go to Minnesota Governor, Speaker of the House, and your Representative.

HF 276:

2 representatives standing in the way:
Jean Wagenius (District 63B) Phone: 651-296-4200
Rick Hansen (District 52A) Phone: 651-296-6828

Update Tue. 5/14: Talked to Sen. Tom Bakk at the Capitol who said they had already passed it. They did on 5/2. So all we need to do is get the House to vote on it and the Governor can sign it.

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