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Petition statement to be delivered to John E. Swallow, Attorney General

Prosecute the Goblin Valley Desecrators

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Prosecute the Goblin Valley Desecrators

To be delivered to John E. Swallow, Attorney General

Petition Statement

It took nature millions of years to create what it took Glenn Taylor, Dave Hall, and their accomplices just a few seconds to destroy.

It is with this wanton destruction of one of our nation's most beautiful and prized natural resources that we, the signers of this petition, hereby demand that felony charges be brought upon the men responsible. These men joyfully and willfully filmed their own illegal activity in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park and uploaded the footage for the purpose of what can only be described as boasting of their clearly illegal activity.
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Petition Background

Dear MoveOn members,

In October 2013 three Boy Scout leaders who were camping in the park with a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints group decided to intentionally and wantonly vandalize one of our nation's most beautiful and prized landscapes. The men responsible for this awful act of destruction not only performed it joyously,but they also recorded the illegal act and posted it on social media in what can only be considered a boasting of their vandalism. Dave Hall, Glenn Taylor, and their accomplices were subsequently dismissed from their leadership roles within the Boy Scouts of America. However, that is not enough. Their actions step well into the bounds of felonious activity, and should be prosecuted as such.

For further details on the matter, you can find a wealth of information on all major news sites. Here are just a few links:

Please, join with those around you who appreciate the millions of years it took nature to create such a beautiful and unique landscape, and sign this petition addressed to the office of Utah Attorney General John E. Swallow asking that charges be brought upon these men.

Thank you for your time, and for your support in bringing justice to those who have so blatantly committed these crimes.

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