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Tell Governor O'Malley to Ban Fracking in Maryland!

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Tell Governor O'Malley to Ban Fracking in Maryland!

To be delivered to Governor Larry Hogan

Petition Statement

We are writing to express our concerns about the path that your Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission is taking to pave the way for fracking in Maryland, and we urge you to take immediate steps to instead move toward keeping fracking out of Maryland.

On February 2013, the Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission released a draft report on fracking in Maryland that contains a series of warnings about fracking as well as several best management practices.

Rather than looking at what is better for the health of Marylanders and the environment, the Commission report presumes that fracking is inevitable, and then makes recommendations to mitigate the inevitable harm that comes from this destructive practice.

We suggest a better approach: that you lead the way to a future where fracking is never allowed in our state, so there are no harms to mitigate in the first place.

There is currently no fracking in Maryland, and there is no reason to treat it as inevitable in our state. We should be working together to protect Maryland's public health and environment and keep Maryland frack-free.
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Petition Background

Governor O'Malley's fracking commission released a report warning about the dangers of fracking. But instead of heeding the recommendations of the report, Governor O'Malley is trying to expedite rules for fracking.

We already know that fracking causes significant impacts to our air, water, agriculture, public health, and climate. There is no place for fracking in our state. But the Governor is ignoring the recommendations from his own commission to open our state up to fracking by proposing even weaker regulations that cater to the oil & gas industry.

Tell Governor O'Malley he needs protect Marylanders and stop pursuing fracking.

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