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Working Families is a MoveOn MegaPartner, an invite-only program that lets a partner organization's members and activists set up their own MoveOn petitions in partnership with the original organization.

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KOAC: Show Citizen Koch

We hereby petition KOAC to show "Citizen Koch" during prime time on Channel 7 to inform us and to demonstrate that this station is truly the Public's Broadcasting Station, not one owned by the Koch brothers.

KOPB, We Demand You Air "Citizen Koch"

Mr. Steve Bass, President & CEO of OPB, KOPB TV, & OPB Board of Directors Chair Mr. Keith Mobley. Koch and right wing money SHOULD NOT influence public television programming. Oregonians have the right and want to see the documentary film Citizen Koch aired on KOPB TV.

Fracking, Radon & Lung Cancer

Radioactive radon is present in all natural gas extracted from shale, and the U.S. surgeon general and the World Health Organization cite it as the second-leading cause of lung cancer. Natural gas from the Marcellus Shale will raise the radioactive levels in cooking and heating gas used in cities throughout New York by some 70%.

Citizen Koch

The Koch Brothers are doing their best to influence our government with their billions of Dollars. In essence, they are buying our legislators. I want to see the PBS documentary "Citizen Koch" aired on PBS They most likely pulled it because the Koch Brothers are one of their donors and they are afraid to upset them. The Koch Brothers are actively trying to force President Obama to approve the oil/sand pipeline from Canada which I think is criminal. They are also most likely funding ALEC who is infiltrating all of our statehouses and our Congress and "suggesting" legislation to the...

OPB Please Air Citizen Koch

This petition asks that OPB broadcast the program "Citizen Koch" to allow the citizens of Oregon be informed on very serious matters concerning our political process and environment. I would hope to show Oregon citizens do not allow changes to our political or environmental systems based on one persons wealth or influence, simply because they may perceive that the American people can not make informed decisions when presented with facts.

UPS Drivers Fired for Protesting??

UPS has told hundreds of drivers they are fired for protesting the termination of one of their fellow workers in NYC. Tell UPS it's the wrong turn for their employees, their customers and their brand.