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Working Families is a MoveOn MegaPartner, an invite-only program that lets a partner organization's members and activists set up their own MoveOn petitions in partnership with the original organization.

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Don't write Trump's anti-immigrant racism into our state law

Five Democratic State Representatives filed a bill that would make it a crime for local public officials not to aggressively target immigrants in our community and allow any citizen to sue them if they didn’t. This measure forces every local official to be a tool of Trump’s racist immigration policy. Tell Reps. Corvese, Ucci, Phillips, Coughlin, and O’Brien this bill goes against Rhode Island values & and Democratic values. Representatives, take your names off it!

No Pardon for Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio has a long history of detestable, racist behavior. As Sheriff, he willfully violated a court order and shirked his duty to protect the people of Maricopa County in order to fulfill his own vile agenda against immigrant families and people of color. We demand that Joe Arpaio face justice.


The Kock Brothers are a powerful regressive force in our politics and thereby in the whole culture. Their practices are at the center of the environmental debate, and they are willing to spread money around to prevent passage of good laws. They are famous in their heedlessness, and public television should be in the front line as means of letting the public know. We need protection from their money and you need to listen

KOAC: Show Citizen Koch

We hereby petition KOAC to show "Citizen Koch" during prime time on Channel 7 to inform us and to demonstrate that this station is truly the Public's Broadcasting Station, not one owned by the Koch brothers.

KOCH Vs. PBS, And The People

This nation was founded on a principles of FREE SPEECH,.FREE PRESS, and, PARTICIPATORY GOVERNMENT If the Koch Brothers object to the documentary, based on their lives and activities, Then, it IS their right to provide rebuttal: HOWEVER, it is NOT their right to STOP,.or RESTRICT the rights of OTHERS to voice THEIR opinions regarding the decisions, of The Brothers Koch. PERIOD!