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Stop the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Mega-Merger!

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Stop the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Mega-Merger!

To be delivered to Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission

Petition Statement

The FCC and the DOJ should not allow Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner Cable. A merger between the two largest cable and Internet companies in America can only mean fewer choices, worse service, and higher prices for consumers.
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Petition Background

Comcast, the nation's largest cable and internet company, has announced plans to purchase Time Warner Cable, the second largest, for $45 billion. But the FCC and the DOJ can still stop this monopolistic merger.

The deal would cement Comcast's stranglehold over an industry in which consumers already have few options and face steep prices and unreliable customer service. This merger would mean even less competition over price and service.

High speed internet access is more important than ever, whether you want to get a job, start a business, get an education or just watch a movie. But the United States already trails every other developing nation in internet speed and affordability. We need telecom companies to expand access and build out 21st-century infrastructure to bring us up to speed with the world. Instead, telecom CEOs are only concerned with maximizing profit and gobbling up the competition.

President Teddy Roosevelt would roll over in his grave. This kind of monopolistic behavior must not be allowed. Tell the FCC and the DOJ to block the merger.

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