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Gun Control. Now.

How many more senseless and entirely preventable shootings have to occur before we do something about gun control? As a citizen and constituent of this great country, I am asking that you take a firm stand and make a positive change by restricting access to guns and saving lives.

Dept. of Justice: Investigate Alabama voter suppression

Alabama just closed 31 drivers license bureaus in minority areas, including all bureaus in the 8 counties where 75% are African-American. Because Alabama requires voters to have photo ID in order to vote, this is a civil rights violation. Please investigate and put a stop to the voter suppression.

Tell President Obama: Take Executive Action Against Gun Violence

We know you are open to addressing this issue without Congress, and we therefore encourage you to consider these five actions your administration can take without Congressional approval: 1.Remove exemptions that let dangerous people carry guns near our children's schools 2. Make sure high-volume gun sellers become licensed dealers and are required to conduct background checks for all gun sales. 3. Ensure that federal law enforcement notifies local law enforcement when dangerous criminals try to illegally buy guns at dealers in their community 4. Help states that require background checks for all gun sales to enforce existing laws on the...

Oregonians Oppose Gun Violence: Enforce SB 941 and Enact Stronger Gun Control

In the wake of the UCC shooting in Roseburg and the ongoing national crisis of gun violence, Oregonians demand change and accountability. We demand that Senate Bill 941, requiring background checks for private firearm sales, be immediately enforced at every level and supported with appropriate resources. We demand that local officials, such as Roseburg's own Sheriff Hanlin, be held accountable by the state for not enforcing this and other democratically-enacted regulations, due to their personal beliefs. In addition, we demand stronger policies to prevent gun violence and modernize our weapon laws, potentially including: -Central registration of all firearm owners and...

County Executive Astorino: Please Ban Gun Shows at Westchester County Center

Please permanently ban all gun shows at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY. In 1999, gun shows were banned by former County Executive Andrew Spano in the wake of the mass shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. You also banned them temporarily in 2012 after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, when 20 students and six staff members were killed. As Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner has said, it is not the place of government to encourage gun ownership. Please respect the wishes of Westchester residents, parents, students, and taxpayers who do not...

Tell Subway: Switch to better meat!

I am very concerned about the overuse of antibiotics in livestock production. The nation’s leading health experts agree that feeding low doses of antibiotics to animals that are not sick contributes to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, one of our nation’s greatest public health threats. As the largest restaurant chain in the world -- and one that markets itself as serving healthy meals -- I urge you to adopt a policy prohibiting the routine use of antibiotics for growth promotion and disease prevention in the production of meat and poultry served in your restaurants. Subway can make a big difference...

Stand against pesticide pollution of our water

The dubiously named “Sensible Environmental Protection Act”( S. 1500) eliminates the requirement for point sources to have a permit to spray pesticides in and around our waterways under the Clean Water Act. Pesticides have been linked to a wide range of human health problems, as well as die-offs of bees, grassland birds, and other wildlife. Permitting helps ensure pesticides are used in a responsible way that reduces contamination of our streams, rivers, and lakes. For public health and safety, I strongly encourage you vote against this insensible bill, and also respectfully ask that you make a public statement against it.

No More Tax Deductions for BP Oil Spill

Not one penny of the settlement that BP pays for its negligence in the Deep Water Horizon disaster should be tax deductible. Negligence can not be deemed to be a 'regular cost of doing business.' Allowing a tax deduction sends the wrong message.

Force the State of Alabama to keep DMV offices open in all counties.

The state of Alabama has closed down many of its DMV offices where people register to vote and get drivers licenses. This has left 29 counties without an office, many of which are rural and low income. Alabama also has a voter I.D. law. Closing these offices has put a huge burden on lower-income people when it comes to obtaining a government-issued I.D. for voting. Maintaining at least one office in these counties would help alleviate this burden.

Doctors Without Borders hospital destroyed by U.S. military. Join call for independent investigation

On October 3, 2015, a U.S. airstrike bombed a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan killing at least 22 civilians--10 patients and 12 staff members--and wounding dozens more. To ensure that the truth about this bombing emerges in ways that help prevent another such atrocity, President Obama should immediately call for an inquiry from an independent and impartial International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission.

Save America's Wild Horses & Burros from Slaughter & Extinction

Presently, from America's public lands ~245 million acres, our wild horses and burros are being removed in excess by the BLM, USFSA and US Dept of Agriculture. There are more than 58,000 total. Three times more wild horses and burros are now living behind BLM bars, awaiting "adoption," than remain "free" in America. The government has removed too many wild horses from our public land, creating problems for land and wild horses to survive. Returning the wild horses to freedom and closing U.S. borders to horse slaughter export is the wise and only way to go to keep America's wild...

Tell Lawmakers: I Vote For Gun Safety

We love the United States of America, and we refuse to allow it to be continually held hostage by gun lobby special interests and by lawmakers beholden to a small, vocal minority of gun rights advocates. To make the point crystal clear, we will be voting only for candidates who express a strong commitment to expanded gun safety legislation, including a background check on the sale of every firearm.

City Attorney Pannone: Drop the Criminal Lawsuit on tree-loving Elders

Morro Bay City Attorney Joseph W. Pannone has filed a criminal lawsuit against an elderly couple who have refused to cut down trees in their backyard. These trees are on their own property, provide habitat for protected species of birds and have brought joy to the couple for over 40 years. Please sign the petition demanding criminal charges be dropped immediately.

Concealed Handguns Do Not Belong on College Campuses and K-12 Schools

Nine people died and another nine were injured on Thursday, October 1st after a gunman opened fire at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR. Our nation’s colleges, universities and K-12 schools should be safe havens for learning and growth, where students, faculty, staff and visitors need not worry about the threat of gun violence on their campuses. We call on our federal elected representatives to make it more difficult for people to carry concealed weapons on our campuses across the country. The answer to our gun violence problem is not the introduction of more weapons.

No suspensions for staring!

We demand St. Gabriel Consolidated Schools wipe the suspension from our son's record. No child should be suspended from school for playing the staring game with a classmate. End of the criminalization of childhood behavior and let kids be kids!

Make the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 Retroactive

Passage of the Fair Sentencing Act greatly reduced prison sentences for thousands of drug users convicted after 2010. Those arrested for similar drug offenses prior to 2010 are serving lengthy and unjust sentences. President Obama should commute the sentences of prisoners convicted of comparable offenses prior to the enactment of the FSA. (See NY Times, 10/1/15, "Mr. Obama and the Power of Mercy")

Recent Victories


VICTORY: Gov. Brown Signs Dark Money Disclosure Bill into Law

In the wake of the large sums of out-of-state anonymous donations that flooded into California during the 2012 election, the Legislature took up SB27, which would require political nonprofits to identify their donors in California elections. So Trent Lange of the California Clean Money Campaign, along with allies including California Common Cause, Credo Action, Courage Campaign,, and others, launched a campaign to get the bill passed. (Read More)


VICTORY: Hawaii Increases the Minimum Wage!

When the Hawaii Legislature took up an important bill to raise the minimum wage, Drew Astolfi of the organization Faith Action for Community Equity, along with allies and the Hawaii MoveOn Council, launched a campaign to raise wages for workers in the state. (Read More)


VICTORY: New York Times Works to Inform Readers on Budget

The New York Times' tendency to report on budget numbers without contextualizing them was a problem - especially in light of the recent federal budget crisis. MoveOn member (and former staffer) Daniel Mintz and Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy started MoveOn Petitions to Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan, asking her to institute a policy of always reporting budget numbers with percentages or comparisons. (Read More)


VICTORY: Governor Corbett Releases Education Dollars To Philadelphia Schools

In October 2013, a student at one Philadelphia school suffered from an asthma attack that led to her death. If there had been a school nurse on campus that day, she might still be alive. This tragedy motivated Philadelphia parent Jesse Bacon to start a MoveOn Petition to Governor Tom Corbett, asking him to stop withholding $45 million of funding from Philadelphia schools. (Read More)


VICTORY: Tribune Papers Spared From Koch Empire

When the Tribune Company went up for sale, it was widely reported that the Koch brothers were interested in acquiring its newspapers - including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. The billionaire Kochs and their tea party politics presented a clear threat to independent journalism, so several organizations, including Forecast the Facts, Courage Campaign, and Working Families started MoveOn Petitions asking Tribune Company CEO Peter Liguori not to sell to the Koch brothers. (Read More)