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Save AMTRAK's Long-Distance Train Service

President Trump's budget eliminates the federal funding that is necessary to keep America's trains running from coast to coast. The National Association of Railroad Passengers warns that 220 cities will lose train service under this plan. Tell Trump and Congress this is unacceptable. We should be improving our rail travel system, which is already more environmentally friendly than air or auto travel, rather than decimating it.

Stop Arkansas' rush to execute 8 people in 10 days

Do not proceed with your assembly line of executions. Since the modern death penalty was established in 1976, no state has attempted four double executions in ten days. And the execution drug, midazolam, is so controversial for causing botched executions that Florida and Arizona have stopped using it. Halt this cruel and unusual killing spree – it violates basic decency and is not justice.

Vote No on National "Right-To-Work" Act S.545

“Right to work” is the name for a policy designed to take away rights from working people. Backers of right to work laws claim that these laws protect workers against being forced to join a union. The reality is that federal law already makes it illegal to force someone to join a union.

Tell President Trump and Congress - Federally Mandated Concealed-Carry is Dangerous for Communities and Schools

This legislation (S. 446 & H.R. 38) will allow extremely dangerous individuals to carry loaded, concealed guns in states that otherwise would have laws to prevent them from doing so. In essence, states with the weakest gun laws will now set the standard for the nation, allowing individuals with NO SAFETY TRAINING, with VIOLENT MISDEMEANOR CONVICTIONS, or with a demonstrated HISTORY OF DRUG OR ALCOHOL ABUSE to legally carry concealed, loaded guns in every state in the country. Additionally, this legislation not only affects our communities, but many of our K-12 schools, colleges and universities as well. Individuals who may...

Fire Sean Spicer immediately

Sean Spicer, Trump's chief spokesperson, said that Hitler "didn't even sink to using chemical weapons." Hitler murdered more than 11 million people, including 6 million Jews, many in chemical gas chambers. Spicer must resign or be fired for his false statement and continued misinformation.

Save NC Teachers - NC Senate Pass SB541 (HB-13)

The current law would put hundreds of experienced teachers and specialists out of work. Pass HB13 to fix the damage created by the current law OR fully fund the original bill to reduce class sizes and keep our specialists and electives intact

Recent Victories


VICTORY: Gov. Brown Signs Dark Money Disclosure Bill into Law

In the wake of the large sums of out-of-state anonymous donations that flooded into California during the 2012 election, the Legislature took up SB27, which would require political nonprofits to identify their donors in California elections. So Trent Lange of the California Clean Money Campaign, along with allies including California Common Cause, Credo Action, Courage Campaign,, and others, launched a campaign to get the bill passed. (Read More)


VICTORY: Hawaii Increases the Minimum Wage!

When the Hawaii Legislature took up an important bill to raise the minimum wage, Drew Astolfi of the organization Faith Action for Community Equity, along with allies and the Hawaii MoveOn Council, launched a campaign to raise wages for workers in the state. (Read More)


VICTORY: New York Times Works to Inform Readers on Budget

The New York Times' tendency to report on budget numbers without contextualizing them was a problem - especially in light of the recent federal budget crisis. MoveOn member (and former staffer) Daniel Mintz and Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy started MoveOn Petitions to Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan, asking her to institute a policy of always reporting budget numbers with percentages or comparisons. (Read More)


VICTORY: Governor Corbett Releases Education Dollars To Philadelphia Schools

In October 2013, a student at one Philadelphia school suffered from an asthma attack that led to her death. If there had been a school nurse on campus that day, she might still be alive. This tragedy motivated Philadelphia parent Jesse Bacon to start a MoveOn Petition to Governor Tom Corbett, asking him to stop withholding $45 million of funding from Philadelphia schools. (Read More)


VICTORY: Tribune Papers Spared From Koch Empire

When the Tribune Company went up for sale, it was widely reported that the Koch brothers were interested in acquiring its newspapers - including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. The billionaire Kochs and their tea party politics presented a clear threat to independent journalism, so several organizations, including Forecast the Facts, Courage Campaign, and Working Families started MoveOn Petitions asking Tribune Company CEO Peter Liguori not to sell to the Koch brothers. (Read More)