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Approval Voting - Getting past the "Lesser of Two Evils"

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Approval Voting - Getting past the "Lesser of Two Evils"

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Petition Statement should adopt "Approval Voting" as a central and ongoing campaign issue to restore true democracy to the United States. should then press and team up with other organizations from across the political spectrum to also support "Approval Voting", educating their members as to its efficacy and working to implement it across the country at local, state and federal levels.
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Petition Background

Even after we get money and corporations out of politics, we will still be stuck with choosing between the "lesser of two evils" unless we adopt an extraordinarily simple change to go from our current "Plurality Voting" method to one called "Approval Voting".

The Problem
For example as a Progressive in 2000 you might prefer Ralph Nader over Al Gore. But you know that voting for Nader could cause Gore to lose so you must vote for Gore (whether you see him as the "lesser of two evils" or simply less desirable) to stop Bush winning or vote your true preference and risk Bush getting elected.

The Solution
Approval Voting allows you to vote Yes or No for every candidate on the ticket. So vote Yes for BOTH Nader AND Gore, while voting No for Bush. You do not have to compromise your values and you do not in any way aid Bush in winning.

The Purpose of this Petition
The purpose of this petition is to get as many organizations as possible to educate their members about Approval Voting and to demand it. Ultimately we want support from organizations across the spectrum; non-partisan, civic, professional, issue-oriented, Green Party, Libertarians, non-profits, NGOs, corporations and ultimately even the Democratic and Republican parties.

Let's start with spearheading the effort because many members here are opposed to preemptive war, murder by Drone, bailouts for financial criminals etc., regardless of which political Party is abetting the crime.

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