Petition statement to be delivered to North Miami Police Chief Gary Eugene

Fire the police officer who shot Charles Kinsey

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Fire the police officer who shot Charles Kinsey

To be delivered to North Miami Police Chief Gary Eugene

Petition Statement

For too long, the police officers who shoot and attack Black men and woman have failed to be held responsible for their crimes. If the investigation confirms the facts that have been reported, the police officer who shot Charles Kinsey, an unarmed Florida therapist, must be fired and barred from working in the police department ever again.
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Petition Background

Charles Kinsey, a mental health worker, was shot in the leg while helping an autistic patient who had wandered away from the medical facility where Kinsey works. At the time he was shot, Kinsey was lying on his back, hands in the air, trying to explain to the responding police officer that he and his patient were both unarmed.

When Charles asked the officer why he shot him, the officer responded, "I don't know."

The department just suspended Commander Emile Hollant—the officer who radioed in the misinformation that the patient was loading a gun and later lied about it—without pay. Suspending these officers is not enough—neither of these officers should be able to put on a uniform again. However, Florida police union contracts and lobbying have made it almost impossible for police officers to be held accountable.

Police violence against Black men and women in our country is an epidemic—the number of Black men and women killed by police each year is staggering. At least 138 Black people have been killed by police already this year. Having police who are unable to make quick judgment calls that de-escalate police encounters is no longer acceptable.

Our social media feeds and media headlines are filled with horrific stories of police responding with aggression, violence, and domination, instead of engaging in conversation or using de-escalation strategies when interacting with Black men and women.

Police officers who jump to violence must be held accountable and removed from the police force. Failing to do so continues the dangerous tradition of allowing police to act without consequence for the pain and suffering they inflict on Black men and women.

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