Petition statement to be delivered to Betsy Devos, Secretary, Department of Education

Betsy Devos: Don't Delay Student Loan Protections

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Betsy Devos: Don't Delay Student Loan Protections

To be delivered to Betsy Devos, Secretary, Department of Education

Petition Statement

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos delayed rules that clarified how student borrowers cheated by colleges can pursue cancellation of their federal student loans. 18 states and the District of Columbia have sued DeVos for this illegal delay. Tell DeVos to stop obstructing justice for students, and enforce these rules immediately.
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Petition Background

Since taking over the Department of Education, DeVos has rolled back important protections for students while siding with predatory companies that have a record of scamming borrowers. Most recently, she delayed an update to a rule that lets students pursue cancellation of their federal student loans if their school broke the law. That's why eighteen states and the District of Columbia, Public Citizen, and the Project on Predatory Lending at Harvard Law School have filed lawsuits against DeVos.[1]

In the meantime, the Education Department is moving ahead with its ill-conceived plan to turn higher education into a Wild West where predatory for-profit colleges can get away with anything. DeVos and the Trump Administration have taken aim at two rules that hold schools accountable for cheating their students: the Gainful Employment and Borrower Defense rules. And this is all happening while defrauded students and veterans are still waiting on the loan forgiveness owed to them by law following the collapse of scam schools ITT Tech and Corinthian Colleges like Heald, Everest, and WyoTech.[2]

Please join us in telling Secretary DeVos to enforce, not delay, these student loan protections!

Read more:

1. 18 States Sue Betsy DeVos Over Student Loan Protections, NYTimes, July 6, 2017, and Public Citizen and Project on Predatory Student Lending Represent Students Suing to Stop Education Department's Illegal Delay, July 6, 2017,

2. DeVos Decision to Delay Borrower Defense is a Slap in the Face to Students, Americans for Financial Reform, June 14, 2017,

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