Petition statement to be delivered to Fort Peck Tribe members

Request Bigger Christmas Per-Cap for Fort Peck Tribal Members

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Request Bigger Christmas Per-Cap for Fort Peck Tribal Members

To be delivered to Fort Peck Tribe members

Petition Statement

If your a member of the Fort Peck tribe and would like to see bigger per-caps. Please sign
There are currently 1,399 signatures. NEW goal - We need 2,000 signatures!

Petition Background

To Be Delivered to the Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board (hereafter known as TEB):

We the undersigned are registered members or have children that are registered members of the Fort Peck A & S Tribe. The purpose of this petition is to request from the TEB a Christmas per cap, to be issued to include the $500 previously allocated from the tribe's budget. Moreover, since the $75 million settlement was received after the TEB had preliminarily set the amount of the Christmas per cap and only $1500 has been allocated to each tribal member from the $75 million, the petitioners are requesting that the Christmas per cap be in the amount of $2500 per tribal member. Signatures associated with this petition will be collected through November 08, online and through the assistance of members residing on Ft. Peck.

The intent in receiving a bigger per cap is to allow greater self- sufficiency to which the TEB should play a supportive role. Some of us would like to start our own businesses and others have extraordinary expenses for which the Christmas per cap in the amount of $2500 will give much needed financial relief. The TEB should support all its members and in so doing, allocate appropriately the money where rightful ownership lies -with the registered members.

I, Reese Beecher will request FPJournal to publish this petition in its print edition and ensure the Chairman and other TEB members receive this petition. Thank you.

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