Petition statement to be delivered to Rep. Cathrynn Brown (NM-55)

Cathrynn Brown Should Resign Immediately

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Cathrynn Brown Should Resign Immediately

To be delivered to Rep. Cathrynn Brown (NM-55)

Petition Statement

Cathrynn Brown, you must resign. Your attack on victims of sexual assault is a continuation of the 2012 Republican attack on women. The American people do not agree that there is "legitimate rape," or that a child conceived by rape is a "Gift from God." And they do not agree with you that victims of sexual assault should be further victimized by aborting the consequence of a rape.

Your failure to draft a simple two page bill is unforgivable. You have lied as to your true intent, which is to outlaw abortion. You are an embarrassment to the people of the State of New Mexico.

You must resign immediately.
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Petition Background

Cathrynn Brown sponsored a bill that attacks victims of sexual assault by threatening prison if they abort a fetus conceived through rape.

Brown, a Carlsbad resident and a board member of the Carlsbad Right to Life organization, conceded her bill was poorly written. She said her intent was not to charge incest or rape victims with a felony if they terminate their pregnancy.

"I missed this one," she said, explaining that when she reviewed the draft of HER bill, she missed the language problems that led to misinterpretation of her bill. An attorney, Brown said her practice is to edit a bill carefully before releasing it. This time, a drafting error occurred and she was not diligent enough so it got through, she said.

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