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Petition statement to be delivered to John Cranley, Cincinnati Mayor

Cincinnati Streetcar NOW!

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Cincinnati Streetcar NOW!

To be delivered to John Cranley, Cincinnati Mayor

Petition Statement

We need to ensure that our city continues to move forward with infrastructure that makes it competitive with other municipalities around the country. Specifically, I want the city to continue building the streetcar and, eventually, continue it up the hill to serve uptown residents and employees.
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Petition Background

John Cranley and 5 council members want to cancel the Streetcar project, which is currently underway. Stopping the Streetcar project would be a significant waste of tax dollars that have already been used in the planning and construction of the project up to this point and federal funds specifically allocated for the project that would have to be returned and would be used in other cities. Termination of the project will also severely hamper our city's appeal to future residents and graduates of the area's educational institutions who we would like to remain in Cincinnati rather than moving on to bigger and more progressive cities. Please ensure that we continue the momentum that we have seen in other areas of Downtown by completing the Streetcar.

Please note that is not the ballot initiative for the Charter Amendment. In order to sign the petition to get the Streetcar placed on the ballot, please visit 27 E Court St (M-F, 9-5) or email

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