Petition statement to be delivered to Thomas S. Winkowski, acting commissioner of CBP and Rand Beers, acting secretary / DHS

Citizens For The Core

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Citizens For The Core

To be delivered to Thomas S. Winkowski, acting commissioner of CBP and Rand Beers, acting secretary / DHS

Petition Statement

Do not place the new Customs and Border Patrol headquarters in the downtown core of Friday Harbor. Promote transparency between government agencies DHS and CBP and the community in this decision making process.
There are currently 417 signatures. NEW goal - We need 500 signatures!

Petition Background

As concerned citizens of and visitors to San Juan Island and Friday Harbor, we believe that placing the new Customs and Border Patrol offices with additional space and facilities required under the Dept. of Homeland Security in the downtown core would be a serious mistake. While we recognize the role of CBP in the continued safety of our island and country , we believe the corner of First and Spring St., the heart of Friday Harbor's downtown, is an inappropriate location for a government security facility.
We are disappointed by the lack of transparency and public input into a decision which will affect the way our tax dollars are spent and alter the face of this small community through the coming decade.
We want this move halted until a satisfactory impact study is provided and the public is engaged in the decision making process.
This petition is intended to create additional support for this cause when presenting the issue at the upcoming community forum Mon. Nov. 25 , 2013 in Friday Harbor Wa. It is meant to encourage the online support of those who cannot attend and all who are in favor of taking these concerns to a higher level and being heard.

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