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Petition statement to be delivered to Rep. Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5)

Congressman Garrett, stand with NJ: Don't block Sandy relief!

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Congressman Garrett, stand with NJ: Don't block Sandy relief!

To be delivered to Rep. Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5)

Petition Statement

Congressman Garrett: Stand with your fellow New Jersey Members of Congress and vote for Hurricane Sandy relief.
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Petition Background

If you can believe it, one Congressman from New Jersey has said he may vote against the bulk of federal aid to rebuild his own state next week.

Scott Garrett said he may vote against the rest of the New Jersey delegation and try to block the majority of federal aid for disaster victims citing 'wasteful spending.' Rebuilding roads and bridges. Helping families get back in their homes to start putting their lives back together. That's hardly waste.

If Garrett were alone, that would be bad enough. But he’s joined by a Tea Party caucus that would rather see families suffer than admit that we actually have obligations to each other. So every vote will count.

The House will vote on the Sandy relief package on Tuesday, January 15. Sign our emergency petition to Rep. Garrett not to block relief for Hurricane Sandy victims.

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