Petition statement to be delivered to Robert A. Iger, Thomas O. Staggs, Jay Rasulo, Andy Bird, Alan F. Horn

Disney needs to keep Disabled Assistance Pass

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Disney needs to keep Disabled Assistance Pass

To be delivered to Robert A. Iger, Thomas O. Staggs, Jay Rasulo, Andy Bird, Alan F. Horn

Petition Statement

Kids with autism should be able to enjoy Disney Parks like everyone else. The proposed new system is not at all helpful to our kids. This makes Disney out of reach for families like ours.
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Petition Background

Our son has been able to enjoy Disney Parks due to this allowance for his cognitive disability. There are other ways to ensure less abuse of the system rather than cancel the program that gives him the one of the only opportunities he has, to feel like a kid. To remove this program makes Disney out of the question for our family. Hey Disney, that means 5 annual passes, parking revenue, food and toy purchases~ Can ya hear me now??
A voluntary system, with a doctors letter, and a photo of said child to be accompanied by immediate family members only i.e~ moms, dads, siblings, and one care giver. I willingly and without question would be happy to provide any and all information needed to be able for my son to keep enjoying his trips to the happiest place on earth. (Without this system you, as a company will be witness to what meltdowns and life with a special child is really like.)
There must be a better solution than to punish children that already have so much against them.

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