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Petition statement to be delivered to The Hawaii State Senate

Do Not Confirm Genevieve Salmonson as the Director of the Office of Environmental Quality Control.

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Do Not Confirm Genevieve Salmonson as the Director of the Office of Environmental Quality Control.

To be delivered to The Hawaii State Senate

Petition Statement

Ms. Salmonson has repeatedly demonstrated that she does not understand Chapters 341 and 343 which are the basis of Environmental law in Hawai'i.

During the Superferry fiasco, she let herself be swayed by Gov. Lingle's political power to violate HRS 341 and let the Superferry go forward without an EIS - thus dooming it. Had it done a proper EIS, perhaps the design and plan would have been adjusted so as to make the project viable.

Her OEQC’s own Environmental Council voted 9 – 1 that the DOT was incorrect when it allowed the Superferry to get an EIS “exemption”. OEQC Director Genevieve Salmonson, as a voting member of that Environmental Council, was the single “Nay” vote opposing that position.

The Hawai'i Supreme Court decisively said she was wrong.

Because of OEQC’s unwillingness to act, citizens had to go to the Hawaii Supreme Court multiple times to get enforcement of our environmental laws. The State paid (and continues to pay) millions of dollars for that blunder that her office could have corrected.

Genevieve Salmonson does not deserve to be put in charge of OEQC again.

She doesn't have the political independence or the legal understanding to do this job. Please do not confirm her.
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Gov. Abercrombie has pulled the nominations. GOOD WORK!!!

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