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Don’t Give Away the Store, Mr. President, in the First Fight of Your Second Term!

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Don’t Give Away the Store, Mr. President, in the First Fight of Your Second Term!

To be delivered to President Donald Trump

Petition Statement

You’ve said you’re willing to talk to the Republicans to avoid a fiscal crisis. But the essential needs of America must not be compromised to placate the party whose disastrous policies led us into this mess. Social Security and Medicare are not in crisis, and don’t need to be cut back. We need to preserve and expand, not destroy or erode, the social safety net. Now is not the time to balance the budget, crippling economic recovery.

Time to stand firm for America, President Obama. There must be no deal that ignores what America voted for—government that works for the people!
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Petition Background

The President’s first post-election confrontation with the GOP – over the supposed fiscal cliff Republicans created – is about to unfold, and many of us fear that once again the President will lean over backwards to accommodate the party of denial and intransigence. Though a three-million vote majority re-elected President Obama, Democrats increased their Senate majority, and more people actually voted for Democratic Party candidates for the House of Representatives than for Republicans, there is a danger the President will compromise away what the majority voted for in order to avoid a fiscal crisis. This petition urges the President to defy Republican blackmail. We don't need a "grand deal" that's a "grand sell-out."

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