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Enforcement of Civil Rights Law Sec 706(b) of Title VII

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Enforcement of Civil Rights Law Sec 706(b) of Title VII

To be delivered to President Donald Trump

Petition Statement

We the people want a Presidential Review and Recommendations to improve enforcement of Civil Rights Law as it relates to government funded workplaces under Section 706(b) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Purpose: The way Section 706(b) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is already written allows unionized workers to identify dysfunction in a tax funded agency. This focus allows workers to submit a Section 706(b) violation via EEOC. Filing a (Section 706(b) Title 7) complaint then only requires an accounting of what actions fall outside of protecting the public's welfare. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will then have a clearer view based upon objective points to be deliberated in a forum of measurable standards concerning the government funded agency's purpose, not subjective laws with a very high bar that further victimize the victim as the perpetrator typically remains unaccountable concerning identifiable systemic dysfunction. There have been especially egregious violations of the Civil Rights Law in public education relating to Section 706(b) Title VII (an employee's protected right to identify and report systemic dysfunction to the employer). Should we ever get a rational straightforward approach to enforcing this law, employers may opt to resolve internal dysfunction. This will save billions of tax dollars annually in government funded workplaces. Waste of government funding is no longer affordable or acceptable.
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Petition Background

Civil Rights Law Enforcement is a function of government, not individual citizens. Section 706(b) of Title VII needs a more consistent enforcement policy.

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