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FAA: Follow published procedures and stop shifting SFO aircraft noise over Brisbane!

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FAA: Follow published procedures and stop shifting SFO aircraft noise over Brisbane!

To be delivered to Michael Huerta and Teri Bristol

Petition Statement

We demand that the FAA address why more than 60% of the flights departing SFO through the Brisbane gate are being turned EARLY and not following published procedures. The FAA’s actions have dramatically increased the amount of aircraft noise over our town, and it’s impacting the health and safety of our families. We’ve had enough!
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Petition Background

In the last 10 years, the number of SFO aircraft departures flying directly over Brisbane, California has increased by more than 220%. Every single flight that wakes us up early in the morning or late at night, or disrupts our workday, is the result of FAA controllers instructing pilots to turn their planes early instead of following published procedures.
The FAA recently released an environmental assessment report in support of proposals to “optimize aircraft routes.” The residents of Brisbane are concerned that the FAA instructions to ‘cut the corner’ over our town will become the new standard procedure, and aircraft noise in our community will get much worse.
We’re not asking the FAA to route planes over another community and create noise problems for someone else. We just want the FAA to follow the published procedures that were originally designed to minimize noise over ALL communities on this departure route. Please help us put pressure on the FAA to stop cutting corners and preserve the quality of life in our wonderful town!

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