Petition statement to be delivered to President Donald Trump and Governor Rick Scott

Free Marissa Alexander From Unjust 20yr. sentence!

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Free Marissa Alexander From Unjust 20yr. sentence!

To be delivered to President Donald Trump and Governor Rick Scott

Petition Statement

While George Zimmerman sits at home in his easy chair, guzzling his beer and watching Championship Wrestling with his court date being delayed and delayed and even being able to sue the news, media, etc., Marissa Alexander—a battered woman—languishes in prison behind outright trumped-up charges by the state attorney's office for her "crime" of self-defense. She had to "go get her gun," a legally licensed firearm, out of her vehicle. Mrs. Jackelyn Barnard, Director of Communications, has, due to my complaint to Mrs. Corrine Brown's offices about this case, sent me by email 911 tapes and attachments of charges against Mrs. Alexander—all stemming from this lone incident—that are carefully worded, practically describing her as some out-of-control, wild-eyed cowboy chasing children and victims through their house and firing wildly into the air. She also claimed that Mrs. Alexander went to her abusive husband's residence and "he ended up with a black eye." For these clutching-at-straws accusations, she's supposed to be justifiably sentenced to 20 YEARS in prison, having no prior criminal convictions whatsoever. SHE was a battered woman. Her husband has never been sentenced to 20 years for all the beatings he's made HER endure, including while she was pregnant. This is absolutely a case of judicial misconduct. She is not deserving of prison time—period—for having become fed up with being beaten up and berated by her abusive husband. Remember, a woman was allowed to TORCH her husband HOURS after a bad beating. Not only did she not do any time, but a TV movie was made about her pain and suffering. Mrs. Alexander has undoubtedly suffered "battered woman syndrome," and she does NOT deserve to be sentenced at all—let alone sentenced for longer than outright murderers and other career criminals. Please sign this petition for the IMMEDIATE RELEASE and DISMISSAL of ALL CHARGES against Mrs. Marissa Alexander, and return her to her family in safety.
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Petition Background

Marissa Alexander, a 31-year-old mother of three with no prior criminal record, was tired of being beaten by her abusive husband. She fired a warning shot at him in August, 2010, in Florida, where "stand your ground" laws are in place.

While more than 13,000 shootings and killings have been pardoned under this law, Florida's justice system denied Mrs. Alexander that right. She was instructed to plead "guilty" to aggravated assault and, as a result, she would be sentenced to three years in prison. Instead, she insisted that she did nothing wrong. When she went to trial, she was found guilty by a jury in only 12 minutes and was sentenced to 20 years in prison!

This is an outrage. So many shootings—including those resulting in death—have been exonerated by the "stand your ground" law. Yet, Mrs. Alexander was denied that right, despite petitions, marches, and cries for fairness.

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