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Free Marissa Alexander

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Free Marissa Alexander

To be delivered to Governor Rick Scott

Petition Statement

Dear Governor Scott,

We are writing to you and urging you to exonerate Marissa Alexander under the Stand Your Ground Law. Marissa is a mother of three who was protecting herself and her children from her abusive husband who threaten her life. She did not kill her husband or hurt anyone, when she fired a warning shot in her kitchen ceiling to keep her abusive husband with a violent history to keep from beating her. It is not fair that some are granted protection under the Stand Your Ground Law and others are not. Please let justice prevail and exonerate Marisa Alexander.

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Petition Background

Marissa Alexander a mother of three was sentence to 20 years in jail by the state of Florida for firing a warning shot in her kitchen ceiling to keep her abusive husband from beating her. Despite the fact that Marissa has never been in any kind of trouble she sits in a Florida jail. Marissa cited the Stand Your Ground law as her defense but was still convicted, when she harmed No one. George Zimmerman walked free after killing and unarmed child Trayvon Martin and was found not guilty by a jury using the same Florida Stand Your Ground Law. I asked you is this fair, does justice allow Stand Your Ground to some and not to others? Please sign your name to this petition to be sent to Florida legislature to urge them to reopen this case and exonerate Marisa of this sentenced.

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