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Petition statement to be delivered to Mayor Michael McGlynn and Medford City Council

Fund Art and Culture for Our Community

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Fund Art and Culture for Our Community

To be delivered to Mayor Michael McGlynn and Medford City Council

Petition Statement

Tuesday night, 10/2/13, the Medford City Council will vote on the resolution below. Please tell our Mayor and City Councilors to allocate CITY funds for arts and culture in our community for 2014!
There are currently 249 signatures. NEW goal - We need 300 signatures!

Petition Background

The Medford City Council will meet on Tuesday night, 10/1/13. The Council resolution below would add 50% more funding to the Medford Arts Council in 2014 to support community arts and cultural activities.

Every year, the Medford Arts Council allocates STATE funding to events including concerts at Wright's Pond; the Community Read and school vacation performances at the Library; West Medford Open Studios; Circle the Square arts performances; CACHE and the Mystic River Celebration in October; dance and music performances for seniors and in nursing homes; field trips, afterschool and in-school enrichment programs for students; Dance in the Fells/Dance at Wrights Pond; and much more.

The city has not contributed to this funding, although the events serve a varied and large community audience and engage dozens of volunteers to bring activity and foot traffic to our commercial areas and arts venues.

Sign this petition and show Mayor McGlynn and the City Council your support for CITY funding for these events!

Offered by Marks and Penta #13-689 "Be it resolved .. that in light of all the wonderful citizen driven community arts activities that have branched out throughout our City during this past year, a sum of $10,000 be added to the 2014-2015 City budget to be earmarked for the Medford Arts Council in support of our community art activities."

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