Petition statement to be delivered to The Georgia State House, The Georgia State Senate, and Governor Nathan Deal

Georgia: Implement the Affordable Care Act

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Georgia: Implement the Affordable Care Act

To be delivered to The Georgia State House, The Georgia State Senate, and Governor Nathan Deal

Petition Statement

The state-level components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (PPACA, "Obamacare") are common-sense ideas that will benefit all Georgians. One is a Medicaid expansion to benefit more than 600,000 of our poor and lower-middle-class residents, and the other is a free-market exchange for competitively-priced private insurance plans.

Georgia cannot take the low road being paved by some of our Southern neighbors. Instead, our great state must demonstrate immediate leadership by implementing these beneficial reforms. Our citizens cannot be at a disadvantage, and Georgia cannot openly reject the views of centrists who currently prefer our state as a place to live, work, and start businesses.

Make it clear to the entire country that Georgia is truly the gateway to the New South. Fully implement the state-level components of the PPACA with all possible speed.
There are currently 11,006 signatures. NEW goal - We need 15,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Some states in the South are refusing to implement two common-sense provisions in the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"). Georgia cannot join them, or it will place its citizens at a severe disadvantage and lose any status it still retains as the gateway to the New South. Unfortunately, Governor Nathan Deal and Attorney General Sam Olens are on record with misleading statements like: "Georgia must now work steadfastly on repealing this law and replacing it with reforms that help taxpayers," and falsely call the Act "neither affordable or accessible."

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