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Gov. Christie: Return the wasted "Stronger than the Storm" funds

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Gov. Christie: Return the wasted "Stronger than the Storm" funds

To be delivered to Governor Chris Christie

Petition Statement

Wasting Sandy relief funds on re-election stunts is unconscionable. Reimburse the state for the $2 million extra you spent on the "Stronger than the Storm" ad campaign.
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Petition Background

On Sunday the Asbury Park Press revealed that Chris Christie wasted millions in Sandy relief funds to promote himself on television in the run up to the gubernatorial election. Reports indicate that he chose a politically connected firm that was almost twice as expensive as its competitors because it promised to feature him and his family in their ads.

Two firms bid on the ad campaign to promote the shore over the summer and fall. One cost $4.7 million, the other cost $2.5 million. But the more expensive firm pitched a campaign featuring Governor Christie and his family, and the less expensive firm didn't.

The Christie campaign has more than enough funds to field its own ads, and to misuse Sandy funds for taxpayer subsidized reelection advertisements is unconscionable. They should reimburse the state so that the $2 million can be spent for the benefit of communities devastated by Sandy.

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