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Gov. Nathan Deal: Hire people who look like Georgia, not your donor list

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Gov. Nathan Deal: Hire people who look like Georgia, not your donor list

To be delivered to Governor Nathan Deal

Petition Statement

Tell Gov. Nathan Deal that we want a government that looks like Georgia - one that is diverse and brings together people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and genders - from every corner of our great state.
There are currently 753 signatures. NEW goal - We need 1,000 signatures!

Petition Background

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has dropped a bombshell on Gov. Nathan Deal’s record of diverse appointments, or lack thereof.
We were shocked by the numbers.
800+ appointments:
93% are white
70% are men.
This does not look like Georgia.
For the record, Georgia is 51% female and 40% non-white. So if you’re like us, you see something very wrong with these numbers.
We need a state government that looks like Georgia.
Georgia is diverse, Georgia is majority female and Georgia wants to move our state and culture forward into the 21st Century and not turn back the clock 60 years.
We can do this.
We can make Georgia the state we know it can be: a leader, once again, in the South.
Georgia can be a state where people move to start a business and raise a family because we welcome everyone and support a strong and diverse community.
Tell the Gov. Deal that we want executive appointments to reflect what Georgia really looks like and all the people who live in Georgia -- and not just who donates to the Governor’s campaigns.

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