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Petition statement to be delivered to kate brown governor, President Donald Trump, The Oregon State House, The Oregon State Senate, Governor Kate Brown and 2 other targets (click here to see more)

Guns down Microphones and cameras up!

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Guns down Microphones and cameras up!

To be delivered to kate brown governor, President Donald Trump, The Oregon State House, The Oregon State Senate, Governor Kate Brown and 2 other targets (click here to see more)

Petition Statement

Guns down microphones and cameras up. I want to help at risk youth write songs about they life and make movies, videos, and cd's with there stories and trade that they stay in school until they graduate. If they do I will help them do music. Very strict rules and I need your support on please support this community program Thank your for your time! Jeffery Rhodes.
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Petition Background

Hi my name is Jeffery Rhodes and if you support this program you will save many lives. I call it the US Program because I am talking about the ones everyone seems to pay no attention to until something bad happens. It’s like these people serve a lot of time in jail, in the hospitals, in detention, in principal’s office, on and on. We know where they are we just normally wait for them to do something bad and scorn them. 2700 kids go homeless every day; no Christmas, no rich parents or the parents kicked them out. We force these youth into depression and expect anyone to fix a problem that took more than one to begin. 7000 kids drop out each day. Please Google these facts after you have read my message. But if you find these acts to be true then you will know you should help me out and I promise you. Copy this message if you want but I will come back and help you all with the profits. I don’t care what it is you want as long as it helps you to live and be happy and not risk your life. I will help you to the extent that you helped me and I will not tell anyone one our arrangements. What we do is between you and me.
If you want to perform at your school I will call the schools and arrange it for you if you will help me promote it and let me know what you’re thinking. If you want to have a lot of fun in your life like you see on the movies then get a hold of me and let’s start making movies and recording songs and making it happen. Once you start recording we will start making things happen for everyone not just you but your friends and family too.
The US Program is an alternative to gangs we want to jump to services on the day tragedy happens, you need to let off steam and ramp, we create places to do this at under supervision of club staff. This is a community mentoring opportunity as well as a place for excitement and exploring. Let this program help those who have something to offer just need support to get there. The money will go to finding buildings were ever the youth call from. We build support platforms from the reverbnation and other social networks where you can look up information about the artist you mix with. Everyone signs a paper of recognition and building strategy to strengthen awareness and building fan who are essentially family members who are provided transportation and child care to go to the event paid for by the music made in the community.
We make green rooms and teen video shooting with a green screen background so the kids can really use their imagination. This is what will prevent the kids from saying no. Trust me on this folks this is the real program and god is with me I just need you to trust your heart and help these kids who are hurting every day. Mandatory counseling with each artist for stress and advice from profession before having a show or event. This can be uncle, pastor, community leader or teacher. All churches, mosque, temples all, will be contacted as added to put us in there papers to reach out to all parents in the USA. We need everyone to post this message in their community bulletins.
I have designed 3000 instrumental Original songs for anyone to make a song with and use to perform with and keep and sell as long as they stay in school and receive tutoring when needed. You can listen to some of these tracks at a community blog set up to blog and get your feedback. Youth will perform for cash and prizes, we will contact schools and get there support. This program is what we are in need of please support this. We have a sister program beats4books as well for others to get involved. Go to fro that information as well.
Gangs leaders are asked to run and control the program if they call a truce and work together with local communities not the cops to find solutions and design a I feel different than you cause to avoid controversy all we talk about is music and who is getting the benefit. We are helping gang leaders keep some youth out of harm’s way.
This program is designed by the community who is just the ones we cannot reach. We can reach them through music if they can control it themselves. Having own movie network and bandwidth. These opportunities don’t come to the community because lack of knowledge unless we giving or providing that knowledge the community is disadvantaged. Youth are picked up, no cell phones are weapons, cops keep the peace, no harassment or embarrassments, and we can talk peace with the right frame of mind. Please support this new chapter in America.
For example: Mom or dad goes to jail, or someone becomes a victim or whatever we are a private organization and not a nonprofit. We work with non profits but not so much as due to song rights and being able to bring this opportunity to light. We need confidentiality to protect the rights of others and non-profits can’t or won’t do that we will. I am from the streets; millions of kids will never do what I did. My story is real my life was in it and I mastered it. Through god, prayer and obedience to myself not to man on what I wanted and what I get. No one is perfect but they don’t have to be, but to strive to better ourselves everyday is the difference between the cycle and moving forward. We want to offer services like shelter, tutoring, counseling, dental, jobs reaching out in a not yet used way. Not through social medical only we are on the ground grass roots door to door city to city. Our job is to help make music and videos for competing in the west coast hip hop awards and other national programs. I offer music opportunities where the youth can learn valuable marketing strategies, and make a bigger resume to show later in life of early accomplishments.
There are as many paths into street-dependence as there are street youth. Here are some interesting observations we can offer about street-dependent youth:
 About 25% are girls.
 About 75% are travelling kids who are highly mobile.
 About 2/3 of the clients served have substance abuse issues.
 About 40% were in a foster care system.
 About 1/3 have emerging and usually untreated mental health issues.
 About 90% experienced abuse, either at home, in care, or on the street.
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I want to say thank you kickstarter. Have a wonderful day!

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