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Help Protect the Atlantic Ocean

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Help Protect the Atlantic Ocean

To be delivered to Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body

Petition Statement

As our ocean faces growing challenges of pollution, loss of habitat, and competing industrial uses, it's critical the Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Action Plan ensure a healthy ocean today and in the future. We hope the Regional Planning Body solicits public input, sets a clear deadline, and outlines clearly which agencies are responsible for putting the plan into practice.
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Petition Background

The Atlantic Ocean is changing fast and getting busier every year, but there’s no coordination between all the agencies that have a say in the way our ocean is used.

Cables are buried under the ocean floor to power high-speed internet, more wind turbines are being built, and there’s a huge demand for offshore sand to replace beaches that are destroyed during storms. All that development threatens fish and endangered wildlife.

Fortunately, state and federal experts are trying to protect the Atlantic before it’s too late. They just released a brand-new plan to manage the ocean, but it definitely needs our voice to make sure it protects wildlife!

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