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I Support Occupy Vancouver

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I Support Occupy Vancouver

To be delivered to City of Vancouver

Petition Statement

The supporters of Occupy Vancouver need to make their voices known. The City is preparing an injunction on the grounds of health and safety. We all know this is a political issue. We're calling on the city to support democracy in action.

Occupy Vancouver is part of a growing worldwide movement to brings governments back to the people. We oppose systemic inequality, militarization, environmental destruction, and the erosion of civil liberties and human rights. We seek economic security, genuine equality, and the protection of the environment for all. We can not be at the Vancouver Art Gallery but we believe in this movement. We are also voters. We call on the city to:

1. Stop bowing to political pressure to remove the camp and acknowledge that a political protest is protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

2. Acknowledge that the City is playing politics with health and safety and the VFD is being used to pursue the political goal of removing the camp before the election.

3. Recognize that encampments are integral to Occupy Vancouver and the movement as a whole. Talk of splitting the two is a disingenuous way to split the issue. The protest is the encampment is the movement.

4. Acknowledge that Vancouver, like many other cities, has numerous citizens who are disenfranchised and addicted to drugs.

5. Acknowledge that people overdose and die on the streets of Vancouver every day.

6. Follow the lead of Irvine, California, and Los Angeles, California, and endorse the occupation.
There are currently 2,737 signatures. NEW goal - We need 3,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Occupy Vancouver is doing meaningful work for democracy and needs to be supported. Many people can't make it down there but need somewhere to express their support.

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