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Petition statement to be delivered to Senate Democrats

It's time for Senate Democrats to stand up to Republicans

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It's time for Senate Democrats to stand up to Republicans

To be delivered to Senate Democrats

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I stand united with other progressives in my commitment to economic and environmental justice, civil rights and democracy. As a member of the Senate majority, please take whatever action is necessary to allow for a majority vote on President Obama's executive and judicial branch nominees.
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Petition Background

There’s never been obstructionism quite like this before in Congress. Republicans are playing extreme politics and using every last trick in the book to deny President Obama a second term by blocking his executive branch, agency and judicial nominees. And so far Democrats are letting them get away with it -- playing by outdated, 20th century rules.

The constitution says it loud and clear: The Senate by majority vote makes its own rules. And right now, we need REAL rules reform, not another watered down "deal" that lets Republicans continue to prevent government from functioning.

Senate Majority Harry Reid says he's ready to move forward, but he needs the rest of the Senate Democrats to stand behind him. Sign the petition now to let Senate Democrats know that enough is enough - it's time to do whatever it takes to end the obstructionism.

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