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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Break up with T-Mobile!

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Break up with T-Mobile!

To be delivered to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Petition Statement

You've stood up for Trayvon Martin and LGBT rights. Now, it's time to take a stand for workers. T-Mobile has been using "brutal psychological terror" on its workers to stop them from standing up for their rights. I'm calling on you to cut ties with T-Mobile and to publicly show your solidarity with T-Mobile workers.
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Petition Background

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have made headlines for standing up against racism and homophobia. Now, they can continue to fight for justice by supporting workers who are fighting for their rights on the job.

T-Mobile, which is sponsoring a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert on January 23rd, has been using “brutal psychological terror” on its workers -- like verbal abuse, threats, and, in one workplace, forcing workers to wear dunce caps and sit in a corner if they don’t meet their quotas. Many workers have reported suffering from migraines, stroke symptoms, high-blood pressure, anxiety and depression because of the abuse. It’s gotten so bad that in one town that doctors describe people as having “T-Mobile disease.”

And when workers try to change their workplace environment, they’ve been fired, disciplined, and interrogated in basements and systematically told to not collectively voice their concerns.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have used their celebrity status to raise the conversation about important injustices. They can do it again and send a message to T-Mobile that they won’t work with a company that treats its workers this badly.

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