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Make State Parks, Public Fairs & Festivals ADA Compliant

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Make State Parks, Public Fairs & Festivals ADA Compliant

To be delivered to The United States House of Representatives

Petition Statement

Many times something like a fair or public festival is held at a state park or some other type of public area. However the curbs, stairs and walkways are not compliant with the American With Disabilities Act. Help us petition the states to require that all public festivities that require a license must have a venue that is compliant with this very important act so that the elderly, our U.S. Veterans and others can attend safely.
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Petition Background

In our area we hold many public events and market our town to retired individuals and visitors as a spa town with healing and mineral waters, and yet hardly any of our walkways are compliant. Our state parks, which serve as venues for some of these festivals, are not compliant and take away from the few handicapped parking spots that are available. The trolley that is available for one of our largest festivals has no wheelchair access whatsoever. These public festivals should be accessible for everyone. Some of these public events must apply for a license. These applications should ask if the venue is ADA compliant and if there is transportation if it has handicapped access. If "No" to either, the application should be denied. Someone should also find out the expected amount of people attending an event and whether the venue is large enough for that amount of people and also what plans there are for overcrowding and traffic because we have a mess going on where I live. You can email me for more information.

To business owners: Statistics from the 2009-2013 US Census: Of the estimated 17345 population in Morgan County, 3198 are reported as disabled with the overwhelming majority of their disabilities being ambulatory and/or outpatient. Sign the petition and let those customer's know that you want their business!

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